Week Ending… (or “that was the week that sucked…”)

Well, care or naff off to some other ego-boosting website, bitch.

Autumn, rarely my favourite time of year, being, as it is, too long for Dick and too short for Richard, with it’s not-quite-summer-heat and not-quite-winter-frosts was OK, although a bit naff on and off, especially since my mother came down with sciatica (sp?) in September and it still hasn’t cleared up yet, which isn’t great, and then came November, and things just went from gay to intolerant fundamentalist bigot…

First there was the trouble at 72, when we realised that the housemates there weren’t too keen on us, and decided it would be better all round if we left them to it.

Then, PJM let us move my room over to house 119c, with a view to moving Ruth’s room to 119d when the girl in there moved out.

119c was great, and the housemates there were all very nice and friendly, and all was going well until I got a worrying letter from the PJM warden. After that things just collapsed faster then a Guild exec meeting, when I discovered what the Warden wanted, which was about the same time I realised that what I wanted was a Lee Enfield (it’s the only type of gun for which I have any amunition whatsoever) and a sniper’s nest overlooking the front door.

At that point, I came to the conclusion that life was just getting too stressful and that, whilst I could devote the rest of my year here to making the lives of the dicks at 119 a total bloody misery, it would have the negative effect of forcing me to stay there whilst they made my life a misery as well. So on Wednesday, Ruth & I went into town and looked around all the estate agents in Aberystwyth (except for ALP Property Management, because they’re terrible (see link).

It was looking fairly promising, with a couple of things we hoped to get viewings for, including a nice-sounding attic flat on North Parade, at about £70 p/w, plus bills. So we were feeling good and cheered up, and headed back for an early night’s sleep at 119 on the Wednesday. And, as I’ve explained that really didn’t work. Evil little bastards. At 0115 Thursday, just after I made that entry, I rang Dan, who was an absolute saint, reacting to my close-to-tears “could we come and stay at the flat, tonight, please” with a spot-on “Yes, I’ll make sure the door’s open and we’ll see you in a bit,” which neatly avoided any silly questions like “Why?” or “What’s happened?” until we were in a better position to explain about it without bursting into tears at him.

On the way to the flat we stopped at the PJM amenities block to tell the porter who’d just been round with the warden that we were down the hill for the rest of the night, and if he got called out again, he needn’t bother going. The fact that I was in floods at this point seemed to un-nerve him (grown men with beards not being the type of people you expect to come and weep at you right after you’ve been round to tell them off for the loud music they’re supposed to be playing), and he kept telling us he’d only been round because he had to, and did we want him to get the warden again, and we said no, because how could it help, and he made a helpless face, and looked worried.

Thursday morning, we woke on the sofa bed at the flat (I now realise why Dan claims it was designed by someone who neither slept nor sat down) and Ruth told me about the dream she’d just had, which was mildly amusing. Then we went round the estate agents again, to listen to the depressing news that, although there were places, there weren’t many, and we couldn’t get viewings until at least next Wednesday.

So we went back to the Flat, and met Dan & Claire, who had just found a place to live, and Claire gave us a lift up the hill to see Eileen Watkin in the Accommodation Office.

More or less to her credit, she didn’t automatically take our side, although since Ruth was in tears again at this point, I’d’ve taken a softer line. She did, however, ring the PJM Amenities block, and spoke to Heather Morgan up there, and got rather more sympathetic after she’d done so (I’ve a sneaking suspicion the porter must’ve put a note in their log to say “Er, the noisy people just came and sobbed at me for five minutes, and now they’re going to sleep on someone’s floor so they can’t get complained about again…”, which would explain why she suddenly stopped asking questions about whether we were sure we’d not done anything to annoy them) and said she’d got a solution.

That solution turned out to be Hafan, the University’s collection of static caravans, somewhere round the back of the Arts Centre. It would, she explained, be cheaper than PJM – in fact it’s about £80 p/w inc, for the pair of us, which is half what we were paying in PJM, and she suggested we go and take a look at it. So, we went up to Cwrt Mawr reception, and got the keys to the caravan, and went out there to have a look. By this point, I was already very enthusiastic, although Ruth wasn’t so sure, and was still too nervous to notice that I kept saying “well, I think we should take it unless there’s something really wrong with it,” at five-minute intervals.

As it was, we got in there, and were immediately struck by the fact that the sitting room of the, uh, caravan, was bigger than the PJM rooms, and there was still the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom and the spare bedroom to go. Also, there was a gas cooker, which just about sold Ruth…

…Since then, there’s been a mad rush to empty the houses in PJM – many, many thanks to everyone who helped with that, especially Paul, who was an absolute saint, helping us shift shopping trolleys full of our stuff to the caravan (yes, yes, make yer damn Gypsy jokes and have done with it), and also to Bec Corn (in the incredibly unlikely event that she’s reading this) for seeing me and Paul with our over-filled trolleys on the final trip, stopping her Union van, and getting out of it to say “Can I help? Only I notice I’ve got a van, and you’ve got a load of stuff in some trolleys”. OK, earlier that day would’ve been better, but it was still a nice gesture of general good-will.

So, now we live in a caravan. Yes indeed. And it’s stupidly vast. (Well, compared to a normal “study bedroom”, at least). Only downside is that it doesn’t have Ethernet access, but we’re hoping to get onto the Wireless point at Brynamlwg (sp?), which Paul thinks is a fair chance, so we can then turn the spare bedroom into a study, and hook up from there. At some point.

Horrible week, all things considered, and probably the second worst of my scarred and fucked-uip life, but things are looking up now, and my personal tutor’s given my an extension for my essay which would otherwise be due in on Monday. This is good, because we’ve not even properly unpacked yet, never mind had chance to look at notes.

Better now…

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  1. On December 04, 2005 Scatman Dan says:

    Thanks for the fab all-in-one update, with good linkage. You’ll look back on this entry and laugh.

    Good luck in the new place. See you back in Aber soon.

  2. On December 04, 2005 Binky says:

    Glad it’s sorted itself out at last- hope you and Ruth are happy there.

  3. On December 04, 2005 Mister JTA says:

    Aye, cheers. It’s going well, now we’re free of dickheads surrounding us, touch wood. And thank’s again to the pair of you for proving what we’ve spent the entire week saying: “Everyone’s really nice, except the bastards we’re living with”.

    And I needed the links mostly because I’d totally lost track of time this week, and it helped to tie everything up with everything else!

  4. On December 05, 2005 restlessboy says:

    Glad you’re sorted.

    Just to clarify as someone who only knows what’s in your blog. When the folks at the last house complained about you playing loud music and moving furniture you weren’t actually doing either? At all? It was complete fabrication? If so that sucks and I want to go and hurt them badly.

    Just say the word.

  5. On December 05, 2005 MisterJTA says:

    We’d done nothing of the sort, I’m afraid.


  6. On December 05, 2005 BeckyEliza says:

    Glad you’re all sorted hon, sounds like you’ve had a right old nightmare the last few weeks!

    Mat ITH passed on your message of thanks yesterday whilst soggily traipsing around all the houses in PJM saying hullo to many surprised students – “Is there an election? No? Why are you coming to see us then? You want to know if we have any problems? Really? Oh…”
    Anyway, thought I’d check out what you’d written, if only to discover why it was you were trundling shopping trolleys around.. and well, sounds like you’ve landed nicely after an uncomfortably bouncy ride. Anything I can do in future – give me a shout? Many accommodation issues this term, having regular shouting matches with Ms Watkins and Mr Wallace.

    Ooh, and for future reference – the van’s me own one, so if you ever need owt hoiking about, give me a shout and I’ll lend it to u. Must warn u tho, despite inocuous dirty-white-van exterior, fully kitted out hippy wagon inside… still good shopping trolley replacement however :)

    And, in my experience, caravans are always far better than houses anyday. Perhaps you can surrupticously fit it with wheels and escape into the sunset in it at the end of term.

  7. On December 06, 2005 JTA says:

    Yeah, I’ll bear that in mind, cheers!

    (… incidentally, the footpaths on campus are horribly uneven. Not that you’d notice unless you had a trolley full of boxes tring to run away into the ditch, but I thought I’d mention it!)

    But no, seriously, it was a very nice offer; I’d’ve actually spoken to you, but I was right out of breath by that point!

    What does a hippy wagon look like, exactly?

  8. On December 07, 2005 MattP says:

    Good luck in the new caravan, hope things sort themselves out finally.

    My apologies for not being around to help with the move, but the random txt msg from you is now explained.

    Hugs for both of you, see you soon.

  9. On December 14, 2005 BeckyEliza says:

    hippy wagon looks like a white transit van from the outside – bedowen tent from the inside.. :)

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