Jesus Christ, this term just gets worse and worse…

Well I just went to see the Senior Resident. Ruth couldn’t come in… Apparently the entire band of new housmates went to see him last night and complained about us for a whole bunch of the following:

We play music too loud (although we got asked to turn it down once and have kept it down ever since).

We come in really late at night and bang about in a drunken way (I’m especially impressed by my this, given that I don’t drink)

We put shelves in the bathroom (this one we did, because it saves us covering the shelf at the end of the bath with shampoo)

Our “friends” (we don’t know who) keep coming in when we’re away and the housemates “suspect” them of taking their food.

Once when Ruth & I were out “someone” came round with a take-away, found we weren’t in, and sat in our room and ate it. (How this can’ve happened is frankly beyond me…)

O, and apparently we don’t flush the toilets. Hm.

Personally, I’m getting strong “We’ve made this up because we liked having a house with an empty room in it” vibes, but I’m going to go and see someone called… *checks paper* O, yes, Caryl Davies in the morning.

Fucking marvelous.

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  1. On November 29, 2005 RockMonkey says:

    If you need a reference from someone you have already lived in a PJM house with then just say the word. You never caused any trouble last year, you and Ruth were both really easy to live with and never made more noise or mess than anyone else I don’t see what these idiots problem is so if I can be of any help then you can have it.

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