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Boxing Day

Well, Christmas is going well so far. I like Aber.

I’d just like to get onto Abnib the link to the latest-looking Flash thingy from JibJab (They did, if you recall, the ‘This Land‘ animation about the last US presidential elections).

Anyhoo, this one is based on Billy Joel’s ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire,’ & is fairly good. Slightly more America-centric than the original, to be fair, so there were a few things I didn’t get at all, but hey, ‘s fairly amusing.

O, and, being American, it misses the “and” from the phrase “two thousand and seven” (2007), which is a bit weird, but it’d spoil the rhythm to say it ‘properly’ anyway.

Here it is, anyway.

Merry Christmastide!

So, yeah, delayed post, again…

I should probably blog more often, although what exactly I’d write, I have no idea. Mostly, not been doing much of late, beyond applying for such jobs as turn up. Interviews for two most recent aren’t due ’till January anyway, though, so I’ve nothing to report on that, either. Insofar as I’ve got much to report it falls into the following three lumps:

Telephone upgrades, with networks various:

O, I attempted to leave Orange for Vodaphone, who wanted to give me a free N95 in exchange for a cheaper contract than my current one, which I figured was a great deal. But that didn’t pan out properly, so I’m still with Orange who were, at least, mostly keen to keep hold of me, and gave me a 10% discount on my bills, and a 12-month contract renewal with an N73 which is still relatively nice (or, at least, better than my current 6680).

Am more or less pleased with it. Orange helpfully chucked me a free 2 Gb micro SD card to go with it, and Nokia seem to have beefed up the built-in web browser, although I’m still finding myself using Opera Mini because I find it better for bookmarking purposes…

Dream, through the medium of LiveJournal:

Crazy dream about two nights ago. Ruth & I were in a Generic American City, all Romanic grid-pattern streets, and lumpy cars and tower blocks. I’m not sure why; I think we were there for some talk or other.

Anyway, we wandered into a grimy yard surrounded by little blocks of flats; 1940s brick things, all external fire escapes and soot, but with a central house fenced off and in a nice little garden with a lawn and one of those swinging benches (the sort which Dr. Pepper adverts always put the “what if I don’t like it?” teenagers on) so we wandered in. Not for any particular reason, as far as I know; the dream just felt like going that way.

Once we were inside, it transpired, it was Ferrett’s house, which I have, of course, never seen (although I get the impression it’s not bang in the middle of some random tenaments). Everyone seemed to know who we were, and didn’t mind us being there, so that was fine, and I kept wandering round and spotting things which, on waking, I realised I’ve read about on Ferrett’s journal. For example, I went to the bathroom, at some point, and saw the sex parties book he left lying about as per this entry.

I have no idea what any of that is supposed to mean. It just struck me as more than usually bizzarre [do those words actually sit together without having a fight?] so, being pretty low on anything else to talk about, I thought I may as well mention it.


I’m in Aber for Christmas. This is fun. The flat is bloody cold, mind you, which is a bit irksome. I’ve decided I dislike storage heaters. (Sure, re-heat on cheap electric, if you like, but d’you not spot the link between “Cheap electric at night” and “the world is cold now the sun has left”? Bastard machine.)

The Christmas farmer’s market was nice. Proper brass band playing Christmas carols, and things, which contrived to make me feel festive, hooray.

Knees are giving my gyp again, though. If we have a white Christmas here I shall sulk.

On the plus side, though, I’ve got a proper Advent Calendar, with pictures and everything. It’s great; you get a new picture every day. I seem to be getting more Traditionalist, lately.

That’s it, I dinnae have owt else to mention.