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Troma, as I believe these things tend to get called, Announce.

So, yeah. Dan and Claire have eloped to Bulgaria and left us in Aber to organise our own Troma Night.

So it’s taking place at Rory’s house, 8pm as per usual.

Probable theme is something akin to “Films what are good, but which Dan or Paul would sulk about, if they weren’t abroad or at work.” Rory was inclined towards the Usual Suspects, which he hasn’t seen, so if we go with that, we can all sit there and resist the urge to go “Ohhh….” at him.

Leave us a comment ahead of, say, 18-00 tomorrow if you divunt know where Rory lives.


Yeah, I’ve not updated for a month. Not sure what I’ve been doing; will do a proper update presently, I hope. Cheers!