Well today was a wee bit better…

…We’ve started looking for a few flats, and there’s a couple that look pretty decent. Going to try and sort out a few more viewings tomorrow.

Have also booked an appointment with Caryl Davies, the Deputy director of student support, on Monday. Hopefully she’ll see there’s a problem and let us out of the bloody housing contracts, and then we can go and get somewhere nice.

Incidentally, today I came back from my seminar to get confronted by the girl in the room next to us – apparently “someone” has ripped the pull-cord for the light in the downstairs bathroom right out of the socket (I checked; they have) and the cord itself has gone missing. “Everyone else” in the house appears to be swearing blind that they haven’t done it, and it’s pretty clear she was hoping to blame it on us.

The only snag there is that, like everything else they accuse us of doing, we didn’t do it. I had a shower yesterday, and the light was fine, but that’s about all I know. What I find really strange is that the cord has actually gone, which suggests it wasn’t just that someone caught it on a dressing gown and it snapped by accident – someone’s gone to the trouble of removing the cord. Now OK, it could just be that nobody wants to get stuck with paying for it out of their deposit, but given that they made up all that other shit about us, is it implausible to think they may’ve done it with a view to making another complaint about us?

Honest to God; the sooner we’re out of there, the better.

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