Hoo boy…

…Nice to see life’s still hanging about feeling stressful. Although that said, I’m on Saturday Duty now, and, to save getting up at 0630 and hanging about on a bus, Ruth & I splashed out and slogged off to a hotel in the middle of Oxford, last night, where we hung about in the Spa and things. And we had tapas, so that was good.

I’m trying to get through things a day at a time, at the moment, which I think isn’t a great sign, but there’s nae much more I can do about that, and, anyway, I’m no here to whinge at ye. I’m still liking Diplomacy, incidentally; I’m Russia, or, ‘the purple one’ over there, and, with the exception of the icky blue French bits, the board’s looking rather nice.

Mainly, though, I’m here to say I’ve finally sorted myself out and organised a proper uploading of the photos for my last post, which are rather good, so do go have a look at ’em and admire how astonishingly sloshed I am.

Meanwhile, my hectic madcap social life continues in a long whirl of midnight parties on Thames-cruising yachts; I’m not only planning to meet Statto later, I’m also going to go to the cinema!! For the first time, er, since ‘Seducing Dr. Lewis’ was on at the Arts Centre. In Aber. Yeah, hectic, that’s me. Pft.

Have fun!

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  1. On February 18, 2007 Matt In t'Hat says:

    Goodness! I remember ‘Seducing Dr. Lewis’! That was an awfully long time ago! I must say that you may have missed out on some gems in the mean time! How about a post about he BAFTAS and the sate of British cinema in general?