A weekend away and an Aftershow

Well. Actually the aftershow for Panto took place a week ago, but I’ve got two photos of it what I’ve taken some time to upload. And even then I needed Ruth to point out how to do the size attributes and things…

However, we’ve just got back from Bath, where we’ve been hiding for a couple of days because we rather needed a break after January, which was rather a stressful month, what with Panto and all other manner of concerns wandering about…

So, aye, we went to a really rather nice place done by Paramount Hotels, which, despite being near Bath felt really rather Northern, which was nice. It was on the upper slopes of a valley, which makes a nice change after the flat tedium of Oxfordshire. Hills I like; flatlands can go hang.

We polled up on Friday evening, after various excursions to doctors surgeries, Waitrose and Swindon (This is what you get for getting on a train direct from Didcot to Bath if Worst Great Western are running it; ie, a train that doesn’t stop at Bath – nice train, though, full of legroom and proper doors you open by leaning out of the windows. Nice to see an IC 125 still wandering about the lines, though).

Saturday we took a wander down into the bottom of the valley, which seemed to contain an interesting looking school, and then slogged back up the hill, beneath a pair of buzzards, which I’m not sure I’ve seen before. We get Kites round here, though. Back on site we went into the gym thingy, in search of, I’m sorry to say, exercise. Not a fan of that sort of thing, but, since I’ve been told it’d be good for my poxy knees to muck about on cycling machines and generally trying to build up the muscles in the approximate vicinity of said poxy knees. That was predictably tiring, but somehow faintly rewarding, and then we piled off and had a bit of lunch.

Come the afternoon we hit the steam room, which, like all steam rooms, is really rather super. No plunge pool, which I was a bit sad about, but the main pool was OK, though slightly cool for me at 28 centigrade. And then there were some really astonishing hydro beds which pumped air though holes in the frame, which gave an experience somewhat like being battered by lots of water being blown about, and was still strangely relaxing.

It was all really fantastically refreshing, which is hard to fault, and so we’re likely to head back at some point in the summer – every couple of months seems a good time to take a break; and since our last proper one was the Ramble, that was a very welcome weekend.

Pantomime Ended
with a big aftershow which was superb. I did, however, get astonishingly drunk, as the picture’s likely to show. Mind, I was knackered as well. The thing what I’m holding is the silver trowel the Sinodun Players dish out each panto since ’96 to the person who’s built up their part the best. Which is super, hooray! (Although I do feel that if I did clever “making it look like a painting” photoshop work on it it would suddenly look like I’d walked out of the cover illustration of a 1070’s bodice-ripper…)

Aftershow JTA

and then Ruth had a picture taken for her industry year report to show that she isn’t just doing Fortran and trying to set the volume of the television to – as she now realises she’s been doing for months – a multiple of five, which has somehow ended up with the following photo:

Aftershow Group

And now I’m posting this and having done with it, because we’re just coming to the end of V for Vendetta, and I like the ending too much to miss it for the sake of telling you guys what we’ve been up to, toptastic though you all are.


Can’t get images to work. Someone’s gonna have to guide me through that bit, I reckon. Problem with the permissions, I think, but it was making a nuisance of itself.

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  1. On February 05, 2007 Statto says:

    You’ve uploaded them to a wacky place and then mis-liked to them.

    If you want the browser to go somewhere which is a full web address (not a “relative link”), you have to preface it with http://, otherwise (as now) it just looks for a subdirectory called electricquaker.co.uk, which there ain’t.

    My first suggestion is to move them to somewhere in blog.electricquaker.co.uk; wp-content would be the conventional directory. Then, re-link with <img src=”wp-content/imagename.jpg” /> and all should be sorted.

    In fact, why didn’t you use WordPress’s handy upload feature which would have popped it into that directory without the faffing with FTP?

  2. On February 05, 2007 Statto says:

    I meant <img src=”/wp-content/imagename.jpg” />

  3. On February 05, 2007 Fleeble Widget says:

    Because I tried to help him and I don’t really understand these things…

  4. On February 17, 2007 Electric Quaker II » Hoo boy… says:

    […] Mainly, though, I’m here to say I’ve finally sorted myself out and organised a proper uploading of the photos for my last post, which are rather good, so do go have a look at ‘em and admire how astonishingly sloshed I am. […]

  5. On February 19, 2007 Scaman Dan says:

    Nice to see an IC 125 still wandering about the lines, though).

    Not so unusual, though, depending on what you mean. An InterCity 125, strictly speaking, is two Class 43 diesel locomotives with one or more Mark 3 passenger carriages between them. There were almost 200 Class 43s built, and only four have ever been scrapped (although several others are no longer railed, such as the one at the Crewe railway museum). By this definition, there are many InterCity 125s still in service accross the UK. Only Virgin Trains seems to have made a real effort to phase them out (replacing them with the Voyager and Pendolino cars), and most of Virgin’s 43s are now used for driver training, IIRC. Most of the other operators are slowly phasing in the so-called “InterCity 225” (where the aging class 43s are replaced with the geniunely beautiful class 91s) on electrified sections of the network. Of course, 43s will continue to be used for some time in unelectrified areas, as Network Rail has no plans to electrify any new track.

    Perhaps you meant that you saw an InterCity 125 in traditional British Rail livery (grey and yellow, with “InterCity 125” written on it). That’s a lot rarer, because most of them have been repainted: if this is the case, probably it will have been a replacement for a broken-down train.

  6. On March 14, 2007 Scatman Dan says:

    Wow; I killed that conversation, didn’t I?