Bam! (pt. 2)

Following my previous Mansbridge – Statto – Possibly-Katherine Byrne – and-now-Peter targetted “Bam” post(*) I give you another Home on the Strange strip that takes a pop at Robert Jordan.

[Nah, I still don’t like him. This is because I still think he a) doesn’t understand female characters. b) doesn’t understand male characters either, and c) doesn’t realise that putting in lots of needless description isn’t the same as writing a good novel. I’d be less pissed off by it if he hadn’t had such an excellent start; as it is, he took a great idea, pissed it up the wall, and pissed me off something shocking in the process.]

But never mind all that: go have a dekko!

(*) Also someone called Chris. If it’s Chris from Ruth’s course, Hello! Hope HP are treating you well…

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