Here’s a little aside for, er.

Mansbridge, who’s read up to book eight.
Statto, who may’ve read book two.
Uh. Possibly-Katherine-Bryne not that I think she knows I even have a blog, who read a few, I think…

Today’s ‘Home on the Strange’, featuring a toptastic dig at Robert ‘If I describe every leaf in the tree it’s literature’ Jordan. Ray!

(It’s entirely true, incidentally; I bailed out around book Five. I think he’s on ten now).

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  1. On May 04, 2006 peter says:

    Heh, I’ve read them all, even the latest ones. I have to say I don’t think Robert Jordan is that bad for excessive description, excessive prophecies and bad forward planning yes, excessive description no. But then I have read Gormenghast *shudder* after that excessive description takes on a whole new meaning. Several pages to describe a door, well why wouldn’t you want that?

  2. On May 04, 2006 peter says:

    That said, the comic is spot on.

  3. On June 30, 2006 Chris says:

    Hey, I adore Robert Jordan. have recently finished Book 11 and still can’t get enough, description and all. Anyone who disagrees is invited to a resolve of the dispute by vaccuum cleaners at 10 paces from hot-air balloons.