I’m sleepy…

…Which is silly, because I got at least six hours sleep last night, and probably rather a lot more. Hm.

I got a reply from Driza-Bone, which was pretty toptastic of them, so it looks like I’ll be getting myself a Riding Coat, which is what they suggested. Or, at least, I’ll be getting one when my loan comes through.

Everway was interesting, all things considered, and I apologise to Paul & Claire for spending so long thrashing out a political backstory (it did get to be a very interesting backstory, however, which I hope excuses it…) and, anyway, as long as I don’t get minced, I won’t have to do that again for a little while yet.

Tomorrow, I’m hoping to go and visit the Midland, and get a savings account set up. And I just called them “Midland” again, even though they’ve been HSBC for years. Never mind.

Yay! Blue Dragon‘s about to roll over! More turns!

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