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Only In Aber Moments: Number Eight

So… En route from the Flat to Carleon last night, I wander down Terrace Road, and find myself, as you do, walking past Y Popty, at the corner of Portland Road. There is standing yonder waiter from the All Spice (the taller one). Whereupon, he stops me, and we have a chat about how his week’s been, and how mine has been, and how he hasn’t seen any of us in there for a while (which, it turns out, is because he wasn’t working on Sunday, when we were last there).

And then I wandered off again, having promised we’ll be back at some time in the nearish future.

I can’t help but feel that’s an Only In Aber job, simply because anywhere else, an off-duty waiter’s almost certain to ignore people he vaguely recognises as turning up evrery now and then. Was fun, that was.