… I have to leave soon. Mostly because I’m due at Spar at 1pm (for further training) and I have to find somewhere to buy food first, and give Income Services £287.84 by 5pm, by which time they’ll be shut, and I have to be at the cleaning job at the Council Offices.

I’m working at Spar until 5pm. O dear. No, really, when I said “Weekends are much better for me,” I meant it… Still, it’s only this one time, as far as I can tell, and then everything will continue to tesselate properly, which’ll be good. And hey, I’ll be five minutes late, but nobody will mind, I hope.

In fact, I doubt they’d mind unless I was more than 20 minutes late, because I always have that much time left in which to go back and polish the desks for a second time anyway. It’s therefore a shame that today is Friday, meaning (I was told last night) we’re due into work at 16:30 & knock off half an hour early, at 19:00. But it should all be OK, I reckon…

Tom “Gendo” Varley is coming down today, along with Judith, to say hello to Ruth and have a bonfire on North Beach at 19:30. Bring food. Bring beer quietly, so the police don’t confiscate it, see you there.

Ruth’ll sulk when she sees I’ve been calling Tom Gendo Ikari again, but please consider:
In something like Episode 12 of Neon Genesis, Shinji calls his father Gendo to tell him about a partents evening Gendo’s supposed to go to. And Gendo says:
“I’ve delegated all such matters to Commander Fuyutski. Do not bother me with such childish trivialites.”

Yesterday, Ruth suggested to Tom that he might want to call Robin, to find out Robin’s GCSE results from him. And Tom said:
Calling him is irrelevant. Why don’t you just tell me?”
and suggested Ruth was being childish when she said it would be better for Tom to call Robin himself…

…And yet I don’t believe that Tom has ever seen Evangelion. Still, you’ve got to like someone who can do Gendo impressions, and I’ve rather got over being afraid of him, because, having been going out with Ruth for rather longer than the three weeks I’d managed last time I actually met Tom, I’m rather more confident that her family doesn’t work in such a way as to allow him to say “get rid of yonder useless hanger-on” and Ruth actually do it. Hey, I might even exchange more than ten sentences with him!

O. And Commander Fuyutski has the same birthday as me, apparently. And Gendo has the same birthday as my father.

Anyway, some of us have got to get going *sigh* so I’ll hopefully see you later for a bonfire & BBQ.
Have fun!

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