…I may’ve just scoffed more than I can chew…

I’m now down to work weekday evenings cleaning things for the Council, at £5.68/hour, 5pm-8pm. I’m also due to work Saturdays 8am-5pm, & Sundays 8am-3.30pm, at £4.80/hour at the 24-hour Spar.

On the plus side, I should wind up pulling down something like £160 a week (which is about 30 quid more than a much needed Driza-bone, for a start), and with my shoes literally falling apart at the seams (now up to a stunning four holes left-shoe, gaping hole at toe right-shoe level of collapse) I do really need the money.

On the downside, I’m now supposed to be working something like 30 hours a week, sorting out no end of other things, (OK, I think most of that’ll be calling people, but it’s still surprisingly tiring, and I have no idea when I’ll get to any meetings about anything), and, come September, doing the final year of my degree as well.

However, lack of free time for meetings aside, I’ve got something like four weeks of holidays left before I have to worry about the degree thing, and that’s time enough to pull down about £650. Almost a shiny new computer, in fact… Although I probably need to buy more shoes, a good solid coat and more than one pair of trousers, first. (The last pair of spare trousers I had broke at a time when I had no money for new ones, and I still haven’t)

Ah well. The Bank should end up happy, if nothing else. And, hey, I’ve got a whole two hours before I have to go to work! Where the Hell were jobs at the piggin’ start of the summer, that’s what I want to know…

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  1. On August 23, 2005 Statto says:

    Sounds good…

    You can always drop one or the other when uni term time starts, if necessary.

    Rake in some cash, man!

  2. On August 23, 2005 JTA says:

    Well, the thing is, if I can keep *both* of them, that’d be fantastic. At the moment, the Spar one is the most Having-Free-Time friendly, but I’m able to get my hours cleaning adjusted, by all accounts. Rekon I might have to do that.

  3. On August 23, 2005 Jimmy says:

    Any more jobs going at Spar?

    I need an excuse to move down to Aber for the rest of the summer.

  4. On August 24, 2005 JTA says:

    Not sure about Spar, but there’s a few other places looking for people, I think… Come back down, there will be lots of fun & joyness! And work, of course…