Somebody get me some decent software, already!

Just thought “Hm, I want new wallpaper, maybe I’ll try to screenshot some Evangelion.” Playing things in Winamp, and I don’t want to get two tunes at once, so before I get Power DVD to play anything, I click “mute” on the seperate-to-the-main-window control panel.

Winamp muted.

Unmute Power DVD, Winamp comes back. Lower volume on Power DVD, Winamp gets quiet.

Er. Why the Hell d’you think I’ve got a volume control on the speakers and on Winamp, bitch? Why would anyone write software with a mute function that overrides everything else on the soundcard?


O, and Ruth & I are caught up on Evangelion, now. They seem to have given the Angels names. This is a little random, but not as worrying as a thought which stuck me during Episode, er, 12: “Angels” is all very well, messengers from God, we all know the drill. Broadly speaking, the term “angel” encompasses all the seraphim and cherubim, etc, there being different ranks of angels. In fact, Trinity aside, “Angel” encompasses the entire Host of Heaven, bar three. (It was bar four, but that was a long time ago…)

The Three not covered, therefore, are Gabriel, Raphael & Michael, they being what’re technically called Arch-Angels. I have no idea if that’s important or not, but it’s got a nasty potential to it, don’t you think?

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  1. On August 23, 2005 Jon says:

    That’s because you’re muting the mixer, not the output from each program.

    It makes sense if you think about it.


  2. On August 23, 2005 Statto says:

    It would be a bit rubbish if you had the PC mixer, your speaker volume and an individual control for each program.

    Unless you’re some kind of hyper-autistic control freak.

    Come to think of it, I’d quite enjoy that feature…It would mean WS_FTP and MSN didn’t deafen me if I wanted to listen to decent-volume music on WinAmp…

    I’ve changed my mind: I agree.

  3. On August 23, 2005 Jon says:

    I’m glad we reached a consensus.

    Handjobs all round, then.


  4. On August 23, 2005 The Pacifist says:

    Re: Volume controls. Some software affects the card mixer directly (like PowerDVD) whereas some has it’s own preamp (like WinAMP). Blame the coders. It makes sense in some areas because with a WinAMP plugin you can overdrive the sound, but you don’t want to do that to things like windows sound schemes…

    Re: Angel names. They’ve always had them, and are in the Manga and the accompanying booklets, they just weren’t always mentioned directly on screen. I don’t think the three you mentioned match any names to Angels in the show though. This could be deliberate. But there are a whole slew of biblical references yet to come. Don’t forget about “Adam”

    Re: Episode 12. I believe the translation of the title is “The Value of a Miracle Is…”. The English versions tend to have a literal title and an alternative title, leading to interesting arrangements like “Episode 2: Unfamiliar Ceiling/The Beast”. WTF?