Ugh. The Lincoln public library runs IE on the terminals…

…But, on the plus side, they’ve let me on for free! On the downside, of course, it’s a public library, so a) I can’t put Firefox on anything, and b) I’m putting up with the wafflings of gormless script-kiddies commoning at one another over MSN on the terminal next to me in the most chavish manner I’ve ever seen. But never mind.

The weather here is painfully toasty, which is a bit of a downer, (especially since I sat in a deckchair at Statto’s party at 3am last Saturday, and nodded off in the rain… Where was good weather then, eh?!) but otherwise it’s all good.

I’ll do a proper update when I get back to a real PC, at some point, because I’ve still got e-mails and things to check before my time on the terminal runs out, or I get thrown out and gaoled as the Lincoln Mouse-Cord Strangler… (Any more of this and I’ll grind a filling out…)

But I’ve managed a few more turns on Blue Dragon, and Annie came up to say Hello to Ruth yesterday, which was good…

Anyway, like I said: Proper Update When I Get Back To My PC.

Have fun!

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