02:20 am: Stupid SQL.
Wordpress is still broken. At some point, if Dan’s still RSSing this old thing, I’m going to have to get help sorting my proper blog out.

Finished the packing chocolate job at about 0600 Saturday, and bloody glad to be rid of it. It has not been a good week for spending no time sleeping and far too much time bashing bars into packets and thinking dismal thoughts. Also, I’m now right off chocolate, although I expect that’ll fix itself presently.

Still very tired, so I’ll probably go to sleep soon (at night, too! Wow…) but cheers to all concerned for a really good Troma Night. Never seen a Western before, what with only being born 20 years ago, but it was all good.

O, and I’ve got a Trojan, which is irksome, not least because a) I dunno how it got in, and b) it’s been God knows how long since I had a virus, and I’ve pretty much forgotten what I’m supposed to do next. Which, frankly, is humiliating, although not as humiliating as having slipped from “toughest” to third toughest on Blue Dragon in the last week. Back up to No. 2 now, though, so as long as the RNG doesn’t turn evil on me, it’ll all be good…

Sleep now. Have fun!

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