04:37 pm: With the stupid wordpress database still royally screwed…

04:37 pm: With the stupid wordpress database still royally screwed…
…I’m left with LiveJournal, and the worst stress headache I’ve had since about 1999. I have no idea if this’ll get picked up by Abnib, but it’s a post worth jack shit either way.Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve been quite as low as this since about 1999, either, and I doubt the noisy machinery-laden works of Halo Foods in Tywyn is a good place for me to be spending my nights when I’m in this state.

Still, I can’t really do anything about it, now, and I need the money and – the absolute best thing about it – is that I promised ’em I’d be at work this evening, and glory fucking be, it’s a promise I can come good on, assuming I don’t collapse first.

Bad for headaches it may be, but promises I can keep seem to be in almost as short a supply as my capacity to do anything at all, these days, so I guess I ought to hold onto them whilst I can.

I’m a little concerned that I spent an hour today hiding under the duvet because I couldn’t face sticking my head above the covers, but I’m concerned because that’s yet another thing I haven’t done since the arse end of the last decade, and I’m still very worried that I’m not yet as distant from that large nad messy collapse as I could be.

Anyone else see why that could be dangerous? Good. Not, of course, that I really anticipate anybody’s giving a toss either way, and if you do then you’re a bigger idiot than I am.

Shit, shit, shouldn’t have typed that, not a good sign….. I really, really wish I didn’t have to go to work today. And not just because it’s a fucking terrible road to Tywyn, but that doesn’t help much.

I’m going to stop with this shit right now, because the temptation to put things like “much like me, really” is starting to scare me, and I think I probably ought to go and find something useful to do. A cup of tea could be a good start, I guess.

Current Mood: You have no idea…
Current Music: ‘Home By Now,’ Meatloaf. It’s fucking depressing.

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