I have just fallen over.

This is a surprise to me, because I honestly can’t remember when I last did that. But we’re talking a seriously long while ago. A proper fall, as well; I was trotting down some steps towards the Thos. Parry library and the toe of my right shoe caught on the edge of the last step, and I went right down on the floor. Gravel rash on my hand, and everything.

The jolt surprised me, and then there was the ‘I just punched tarmac’ feeling of warmth, and I seem to have twisted my back and my knee out of joint. All very exciting, but I’d rather not make too much of a habit of it, if I can.

It really has been forever since I fell over, though*, (I’ve tripped, a few times, but always caught myself again) so mainly I’m just going ‘Hey, that was novel!’

I’ve left my phone in the Uberflat. I’d go back for it, but have decided not to. Kindly communicate with me by e-mail until 19-00ish; I’ll probably have it back by then.

I wonder if I can have a cup of tea before I go to count shelves…

*Skiing doesn’t count, on account of I was on two planks of wood in ice and snow and the middle of Europe, so it’s not like falling was a surprise, or anything…