(Quick Link to JTA’s public key)

So, aye. In the interests of security, and the like, I’m by way of trying to at least sign (& ideally encrypt) my emails. (Helpful guide from El Reg)

Tech things
I’m running Windows, so as to have More Than Ten Games I Can Play, so I’m using GPG4Win to deal with all this key malarky. I’m also using Gmail, and similar webmail stuff, through Firefox, so I’m running the FireGPG plugin to boot.

Where to get it
Pending a way I can make it display nicely from here, my public key can be got at as a text file, in which capacity it lives over here.

[I continue, apparently, to be Not The Internet Sort Of Geek, but it might also be because I’m not entirely well, just at the minute. Kindly explain what I need to fix, if there’s something wrong.]