Re-installed CoD4 the other day, for first time since my computer last bricked itself (way back in February or so I discovered it is Not Good for the electric meter to run out at the same time as Windows is updating itself, and when I do a reinstall I things tend to get put back when I want them). All my multiplayer goodies have vanished. Lame. (I had all sorts of cool gubbins with fancy camoflage and nice perks and things, and it’s all gone.) On the plus side, I’m actually more skilled than I look because of this. Snrk. (I shouldn’t be smug, however, because I had a kill:death ratio of around 8:37 in one match yesterday. That probably goes into smaller numbers, if you care about such things, but meh.

I promise I am not saying this to wind people up, but 40 years since we landed on the moon leaves me brimming with indifference. I guess it is nice that we went up on comparatively lame technology, but it happened a long time ago – I think that might be the problem, for me; everyone who can actually remember it seems to see it as a massive thing, whereas I’ve grown up in the age of We Have Been To The Moon, so Going To The Moon doesn’t seem that awesome. That said, I started to understand better thanks to this strip, which actually does make it seem kinda cool. Especially the bit with the steam engine.

Serveral nights this week I’ve not managed to get to sleep until gone 02:30. Yeeeah. That’s going on the list, I fear. Still, it’s in good company; Hollywood Pizza’s been on there for months.

If you do not read PostSecret, I recommend it, for it is awesome, and likewise FutureMe… In consequence of which I’m going to keep an eye on Letters Anonymous, which is knew, and kinda fusiony. Will see how it pans out, might be interesting.

I got (half of) this week’s Piano Puzzler, and am pleased. I never get the composer, mind, but even the tune is kinda a step up for me, plus I got it on the first playthrough. (I was, of course, listening to KUSC, which appears to hand over to American Public Media’s Performance Today for the night shift (09:00 – 14:00ish), which means I keep listening to the Morning Show on my afternoons at work. Confusing stuff, time travel.

The press is full of dead soldiery. It is, of course, very sad that – what is it, now, 19? -people have died in Afghanistan this month, but on the other hand we’ve been out there for a decade, and this is our worst month yet? Jeez, we are kicking arse. It could be considerably worse, you know. I find the fact we’ve got such a very low death toll rather encouraging. Aye, it sucks for the families, I’m not saying it doesn’t. But there aren’t many such families, which is worth remembering…

O, and you’ve probably all heard this one by now, it being a massive hit and all, but if not take a dekko at United Breaks Guitars, about the shoddy treatment of baggage (& customers) by staff of United Airlines, whose shares have – not surprisingly – dropped a whopping 10%. Do not mess with stubborn people is the message there, I think…

O, hey, my break’s nearly done. I wonder if I can nab a mug of tea before I nodd off…

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  1. On July 25, 2009 Ele says:

    I have the postsecret book, its great :)

  2. On July 25, 2009 Statto says:

    Possible surprise of the week: I agree about the Moon landings. I’ve been wondering about writing something relating to it this week. It seems like the kind of problem which doesn’t really require advanced tech or science (for example, I believe that Newtonian mechanics is sufficiently accurate to get a rocket to the Moon [though I also believe they did run the relativistic calculations, just in case]), just loads of money throwing at it because Saturn V rockets are fucking huge. It doesn’t sound like an amazing achievement to me, just transparent, pointless ideological one-upmanship. Meh.

    That said, I would happily risk death to go to the Moon right now if someone asked.

    Also, you’re good, 37 is prime.

  3. On July 27, 2009 Jon says:

    “Aye, it sucks for the families, I’m not saying it doesn’t.”

    … *incredibly* fucking flippant. You should be proud!


  4. On July 28, 2009 Mister JTA says:

    Eh, I wasn’t going for flippant; I just think it’s worth bearing in mind we’re kinda stuck in a theatre that traditionally breaks armies, facing increasingly guerilla tactics and we’re not taking as many hits as you’d expect. Of course even less would be even better, but the press seems to be skipping over the bit where we’re doing better than anyone else ever has. Which is kinda weird.