Dear Today

OK, guys. You know as well as I do that part of the reason I go to sleep listening to the World Service is that it means I can wake up to an alarm clock in one ear, and the news in the other.

But, seriously. I was up really quite late last night, and playing both Civ 4 and Left 4 Dead, and that doesn’t lend itself to being woken up by the announcement that the Soviets just landed on the moon, and are massing for an attack on Western Europe. That is possibly the most confusing waking-up experience I have ever had – I wake up very slowly until I’ve got some tea down my neck, and I must’ve been listening for at least a minute and a half before I realised I’d missed something.

Just so you know. Can we at least wait until the planes are in the air before we start telling the barely-awake that the Soviets are using chemical weapons? Or, better yet, just let us sleep. Extra 4 minutes in bed sounds like a win to me…

(I looked for the YouTube clip of the reformation
of the Soviet Union,
but I couldn’t find it.)

Back when I was doing GCSEs, I’m sure they’d dragged Jeremy Bowen out of the Middle East and told him he had to work in a studio presenting Breakfast alongside Sophie whatzerface. I find it kinda awesome that he just keeps going back to the Middle East anyway…

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  1. On June 23, 2009 Statto says:

    So, er, was it true? Is there a new post-solstice April fools’? Or what story were they actually reporting?!

  2. On June 23, 2009 Mister JTA says:

    O, right. Some people don’t listen to the radio so much as what I do!

    Er, they were reporting on this story, with the news snippets from the actual scenario being read out. I think by Peter Donaldson, or else someone who sounded similar.