Falsehood of the Day

I’m 25! Woo, etc!

Quite possibly the oddest email I’ve recieved for years:

Happy 25th Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Normally, this is where we send you on some birthday fling. But according to our records, you’re in a happy relationship. So we’ll respect that and just send you…a giant birthday cake: Click here to find your birthday matches!

Birthday Cake!

Happy day!

Exclamation marks!

This, of course, is from a website that (presumably) forced me to sign up at some point, which would explain why I fed them a pile of false information (I suspect I also told them my pre-Newport address and it’s pre-millenial postcode); I worked that out after only a couple of seconds of confusion.

What really puzzles me is why I set my fake Birthday to be the 8th of January, a full month ahead of time…

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  1. On January 08, 2009 Scatman Dan says:

    Maybe you were pretending to be me, and got the year wrong… =o)