Decrepitude update

The doctor told me it would clear up in a bit, and gave me a prescription for some drugs.

On the plus side, he gave me some halfway decent codeine – the 30mg / 500mg paracetamol mix, which actually does something (as long as you take two tablets), rather than that gormless placebonic 8/500 mg nonsense that they put in powdered baby milk.

Got some of my old-style pink 400mg ibruprofens, as well, but I’m keeping off those as much as possible on account of how ill they (eventually) made me.

I have a mild trismus, is what is wrong with my mouth; I’ve done something to sprain a muscle in the jaw, although I can’t think of anything [Pat Woolton Quote Goes Here]. On the plus side, Easton explained all of this for free, which was damn nice of him. (And how nice, too, for me to experience free dentistry at the hands of someone competent, and without needing to lose a tooth every eightmonth and a filling each six).

There is a limit to how fun funerals can be, but it was good enough, and I’ve been to worse (or, rather, I have been to funerals at which I felt worse).

O, hey. Time I got back to work. I’m less informative than I used to be, I fear. I put it down to lack of sleep, but I’ll fix that after the, uh, New Year…

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  1. On December 18, 2008 Statto says:

    Back pain: don’t take it lying down.

    That article also has a good anti-alternative-therapy rant built in for free.

  2. On December 18, 2008 Annie says:

    Hot water bottle. Pretend you’re a menstrual woman if necessary.