“I cannot believe my eyes…*

…is the world finally growing wise?”

I have passed my driving test. Huzzah!

Over slightly-more-than-40-minutes-because-the-traffic-in-town-was-horrible, I got no majors (obv), and lone minors in:

  • Footbrake control (coming through the massive jam in town),
  • Moving off control (thank-you right turn out of Waunfawr),
  • Following distance (down, I suspect, Penglais Hill),
  • Undue Hesitation, and
  • Junction Observation (I have no idea where this was, because if I had, I’d not have clocked it.

Win. I can now go out and start causing real accidents!

Mike seemed glad to see the back of me, an’ all. Examiner was a nice guy, quieter than the last one, and with an intersting habit of marking the sheet only when he thought I’d not notice (eg, not immediately after I did something wrong, but some time later, which was damn unnerving when I realised that was what he was doing it). Friendly enough, though. And I got to find out what it is they say when you haven’t failed. Which was shiny.

More work with cataloguing this afternoon, which is good; I’ve enough experience of that for the lunchtime celebratory Spitfire kindly bought for me by my colleagues ought not to cause much of a problem…

This evening, I must ring Charlie Next Door and ask if that car of his is still knocking about. And the I can goconfusedsupermarket.com and be asked to present my nose for the purpose of offering payment…

‘s a nice day, innit? :-)

* I came up with this post title yesterday evening, as I was trying to go to sleep (“Quote, Unquote” gets rare points for sending me off faster than chloroform). The point being, it’s from “On the Rise,” the song from Dr. Horrible where Dr. Horrible concludes the line “The world’s filled with filth and lies,” and Penny’s line is “Is the world finally growing wise.”

I figured this would be a nice any-eventuality title for the post. Yeah, I think about these things too much.

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  1. On August 13, 2008 Statto says:

    Ah, the old ‘undue hesitation’. Always a bastard to strike the balance between that and whatever the ‘over-eager idiot’ minor is. There’s probably an option in the middle marked ‘smarmy fuck’, so you lose whatever way you look at it.

    Unless, that is, you pass in spite of the DSA‘s best efforts to get you to take a nice, profitable re-test… Excellent news!!

  2. On August 13, 2008 Scatman Dan says:

    Congratulations! That’s great news! I’ll buy you a celebratory pint at some point!

  3. On August 13, 2008 Ruth says:

    Good work. Aren’t you the clever one?

    And yes, you do think about these things too much. But it’s kinda endearing.

  4. On August 13, 2008 Ruth says:

    By the way, did you know this page has 4 xhtml errors? I only mention this because you have a validator link at the bottom.

  5. On August 13, 2008 Claire says:

    Well done, brilliant stuff. You’ve put Dr Horrible is in my head *again*, but that was probably inevitable, because it’s so bloody catchy. Bastards. I look forward to overtaking you on some future road trip :)

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  7. On August 13, 2008 Mister JTA says:

    Yeah, ‘s a difficult sod, that one is. But I’m pretty sure there were a few minutes dotted about when I was over the limit, too, (to the tune of 33/30, I think) so I’m happy enough.


    Wow, people actually check the validation? I don’t even remember putting it there. I guess I should delete the link, huh?

    Yep, that seems likely! Aside from the fact I get a mere 6 points to play with for the next two years, I suspect I’m not really one of those people who’s comfortable going especially fast. And, to be fair, I think I’m like that with bad, heavily entrenched, reason. I guess that means we send you ahead with all the luggage, and you can unpack…

    I just realised this: Today is the 13th of August. My Young Person’s Railcard just expired. Lols.*