I’m getting up again in the morning…

…Which is why it’s a damn shame that I’m really vey drunk right now. *sighs*

I know I’m very drunk because I just walked back from Spar, with a bag of delicious pork scratchings in one hand, and a loaf of indifferent Spar bread in the other (for breakfast) and singing (just about under my breath, I’m not a complete spanner), singing, as I say, Fairport’s Time Will Show The Wiser, which my Zen dug out for me, which I can promise you I’ve not sung along to since, uh… well, the VIth form, I guess.

The problem here is entirely my failure to say “No” to other people (I can say no to myself like a demon, for what that’s worth). In this case, the fault lies with Dan, who not only bought me further beer so as to be able to tell me more about Midori (I asked. Damn you, El Reg!), but then also kept pouring his beer into my glass, so as to speed the Drinking Up once the Ship decided they wanted to go to bed.

(Ship and Castle: Draging JTA out of Sobriety since 2003.)

Work continues to go well, and be fun, as I’ll expand upon in a proper sober post (when I’m not just killing time by drinking water and trying to get the QWERTY keys to stay in their appointed places), although I’ve got Manual Handling training tomorrow,which I did not 18 months back with my previous employers (note how carefully I don’t say it’s the Bod, there; this morning’s training on Data Protection evidently held right up to the start of these parenthesese*), so I anticipate a certain ammount of feeling like I know this already. Probably can’t hurt to do it all again, though. At least, I think that’s the idea.

Anyway, it’s getting StupidLate(TM). Metabolism that Won’t Let Me Be Hungover, don’t fail me now!

Night guys.

Edit: 7th August 2008; 08-02
O, and we got given cake. That was cool.

MMM, tea. ‘s All Good.

* Yeah. Drunk, but not completely mortal.

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  1. On August 07, 2008 Ruth says:

    So, what, now my type is drunken trainspotters with an unholy interest in operating systems? This just gets better.

  2. On August 07, 2008 Jimmy says:

    Ruth: with terrible taste in music too ;P

  3. On August 07, 2008 Mister JTA says:

    with terrible taste in music too

    Lies! (Although the 90’s version is better, and has more hefty sounding guitars, possibly through some species of amp, or something. But I couldn’t find a copy of that on the Internets.)

  4. On August 07, 2008 Ruth says:

    Hey, don’t be dissing the folk rock. I don’t poke fun at the things you love. Apart from physics, obviously.