Ah, Hell, and I really thought that was going somewhere!

Bloody stupid Master Mind Flayer.

I’d got past Vlad, and everything, best bloody game I ever had (although I have to say that vast piles of Amulets of Life Saving I kept running into didn’t half help. Tyr never gave me an artefact, though. Stingy git.)

[Incidentally, I know this is a massive long post, but, meh. I’m damn proud that there’s such a long list. And I’ve cut out most of the inventory, and the entire vast contents of the happy Bag of Holding. Deal with it.]

Farvel Brunhilde the Valkyrie…

You died in Ghennom on Dungeon level 42 with 1,179,129 points, and 22,862 pieces of gold, after 57,119 moves.

You were level 16 with a maximum of 126 hit points when you died.

Killed by Brainlessness, 2008. Hp 126 [126]

The blessed +3 Grayswandir (weapon in hand)
An uncursed thoroughly rusty thoroughly corroded +5 longsword
A +1 dwarvish mattock


an uncursed thoroughly burnt +0 pair of speed boots (being worn)
a blessed +2 grey dragon scale mail (being worn)
An uncursed thoroughly rusty corroded +0 helmet (being worn)
An uncursed thoroughly rusty corroded +0 pair of gauntlets of power (being worn)
A blessed fireproof +0 cloak of displacement (being worn)

An uncursed ring of regeneration (on right hand)
An uncursed ring of Slow Digestion (on left hand)

The uncursed Candelabrum of Invocation (7 candles attatched)
An uncursed bag of holding
The bell of Opening (0:3)
The blessed Orb of Fate (1:2)

6 cursed Emeralds named Em
4 Uncursed rubies
3 Uncursed diamonds
3 Uncursed luckstones named luck.

Final Attributes:

You were piously aligned.
You were fire resistant.
You were cold resistant.
You were sleep resistant.
You were shock resistant.
You were poison resistant.
You were magic-protected.
You resisted hallucinations.
You saw invisible.
You were telepathic.
You were warned.
You were displaced.
You were stealthy.
You aggravated monsters.
You had slower digestion.
You regenerated.
You were protected.
You were very fast.
You were extremely lucky.
You had extra luck.
Good luck did not time out for you.
You are dead (5th time!).

Vanquished creatures:

3 iron golems
5 storm giants
a glass golem
a balrog
5 purple worms
a silver dragon
a red dragon
a black dragon
2 blue dragons
4 green dragons
4 yellow dragons
11 minotaurs
3 jabberwocks
Lord Surtur
4 baluchitheria
2 demiliches
Vlad the Impaler
6 stone golems
4 Olog-hai
2 Nazguls
2 pit fiends
3 sandestins
2 titanotheres
5 trappers
a baby yellow dragon
4 disenchanters
18 vampire lords
3 skeletons
an aligned priest
5 captains
4 shades
6 liches
a clay golem
6 nurses
3 ice devils
6 lurkers above
10 frost giants
2 ettins
a golden naga
4 black puddings
14 vampires
7 lieutenants
a watch captain
24 ghosts
a cavewoman
a queen bee
5 winged gargoyles
7 mind flayers
4 giant mimics
4 zruties
30 fire giants
5 ogre kings
6 ice trolls
8 rock trolls
6 umber hulks
a flesh golem
an Elvenking
3 doppelgangers
15 hezrous
7 bone devils
4 large mimics
a wumpus
7 long worms
5 stalkers
8 air elementals
5 fire elementals
5 earth elementals
5 water elementals
a hill giant
5 giant mummies
a black naga
6 xorns
17 giant zombies
11 elf-lords
22 sergeants
2 water demons
4 barbed devils
12 vrocks
a salamander
17 wargs
2 winter wolves
3 hell hound pups
4 small mimics
2 glass piercers
3 warhorses
5 steam vortices
16 xans
8 ettin mummies
6 ogre lords
8 quantum mechanics
24 trolls
5 wood golems
2 erinyes
4 sharks
6 electric eels
4 gelatinous cubes
6 pyrolisks
7 large dogs
3 freezing spheres
8 flaming spheres
7 shocking spheres
a large cat
6 tigers
8 gargoyles
a dwarf king
a tengu
11 ochre jellies
11 leocrottas
4 energy vortices
5 mountain centaurs
5 stone giants
7 elf mummies
7 human mummies
7 red nagas
3 green slimes
3 pit vipers
5 pythons
3 cobras
32 wraiths
3 carnivorous apes
12 ettin zombies
3 leather golems
9 Grey-elves
84 soldiers
2 watchmen
4 horned devils
3 succubi
6 incubi
3 chameleons
2 crocodiles
15 giant beetles
9 quivering blobs

17 cockatrices
23 wolves
9 winter wolf cubs
3 lynxes
a panther
6 gremlins
5 spotted jellies
25 leprechauns
3 orc-captains
2 iron piercers
17 giant spiders
7 scorpions
6 horses
3 ice vortices
5 black lights
12 vampire bats
5 forest centaurs
4 gnome kings
7 orc mummies
2 dwarf mummies
4 ogres
3 brown puddings
8 rust monsters
15 owlbears
8 yetis
3 gold golems
4 werewolves
18 Green-elves
4 giant eels
17 lizards
6 chickatrices
4 dogs
7 dingos
9 housecats
7 jaguars
3 dwarf lords
7 blue jellies
3 gray unicorns
4 black unicorns
2 dust vortices
13 ravens
7 plains centaurs
6 gnome mummies
12 snakes
9 water moccasins
14 apes
18 human zombies
4 rope golems
8 Woodland-elves
24 soldier ants
87 fire ants
7 bugbears
3 imps
3 lemures
6 quasits
2 wood nymphs
7 water nymphs
7 mountain nymphs
31 Mordor orcs
9 Uruk-hai
3 orc shamans
12 rock piercers
a rock mole
3 ponies
2 fog clouds
9 yellow lights
a shrieker
2 violet fungi
20 gnome lords
11 gnomish wizards
3 kobold mummies
a red naga hatchling
3 black naga hatchlings
a golden naga hatchling
2 guardian naga hatchlings
6 gray oozes
4 barrow wights
15 elf zombies
15 ghouls
5 straw golems
5 paper golems
5 jellyfish
2 baby crocodiles
21 giant ants
4 little dogs
9 floating eyes
4 kittens
16 dwarves
a homunculus
4 kobold lords
4 kobold shamans
6 hill orcs
24 rothes
a rabid rat
2 centipedes
4 giant bats
6 monkeys
12 orc zombies
19 dwarf zombies
7 wererats
2 werejackals
9 iguanas
49 killer bees
5 acid blobs
5 coyotes
5 gas spores
9 hobbits
11 manes
2 large kobolds
7 hobgoblins
5 giant rats
6 cave spiders
5 brown molds
4 yellow molds
2 green molds
3 red molds
76 gnomes
12 garter snakes
9 gnome zombies
9 geckos
19 jackals
4 foxes
3 kobolds
3 goblins
7 sewer rats
12 grid bugs
13 bats
12 lichens
8 kobold zombies
10 newts

2024 creatures vanquished.

Voluntary challenges:

You genocided 1 type of monster.
You never polymorphed an object.
You used 5 wishes.

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  1. On July 10, 2008 Matt in the Hat says:

    22,862 zorkmids? I assume you found Ludios. Did you donate to priests? I’ve never been bothered with more than 5,000 once I hit Gehennomon.

    For what did you wish? I assume there were a few bits of armour, but did you go for a magic marker? I tend to use my markers for enchant armour scrolls, and [[type]]proof all my armour. That and a bit of grease on the helmet should keep those pesky noodle-suckers off ya noggin.

    What did you genocide? My first target is always L.

    I’m not doing too badly in my current game. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  2. On July 11, 2008 Mister JTA says:

    Yeah, I try and keep in with Tyr as much as possible. Generally speaking I haul 5,000-odd out of a massive haul (if I have one; normally I don’t, but I kept stuffing all my money into the BoH and it turned out to be lots. Picked up loads in Ghennom, as well) and then drop the bag with all the money in somewhere close by. Then I give all my money to the temple, and pick up all the cash I just dropped when the Priest isn’t looking. It seems to work…

    Wished for:
    Blessed scroll of charging
    Blessed +2 rustproof Grayswandir
    Blessed +2 grey dragon scale mail
    Blessed fireproof +2 cloak of displacement (I took a couple of curses which is how it came down to 0)
    (Two) blessed amulets of Life Saving, one of which didn’t half confuse Lord bloody Sutur.

    I wanted a magic marker, but at the point when I got the wand (in the castle) I was too weak to be able to fight back up through the Big Room to Sokoban 1, which is where I’d dropped all my blank scrolls. Your plan is probably better, though!

    Genocided the Trolls, because I’d got backed into a corner in the Valley of the dead, with a troll behind me, and a) an Olog Hai in front, and also most of the soldier from the castle that brainlessly fell through the floor, and I was taking a proper beating from the regenerative gits.