Le-gen- … wait for it…

Hooray! I’m going to be a Librarian again! It’s all coming up Millhouse! [Incidentally, if someone can tell me precisely what Simpsons episode that quote is from, I’d be grateful, because otherwise not knowing is going to send me mental]

OK, well technically I don’t start until the 1st of August, but I reckon I can subsist until then.

I almost feel like I ought to be talking more about it, and how ace it is, but I don’t know that there’s especially much to say… Although I am planning to see if I can get my second ever hangover tomorrow morning (Yes, I have indeed bought champagne. Win!)

Other than that, well, not much, really. I’m stupidly tired, but that’s entirely my own fault for not going to sleep until the World Service was merrily entering it’s “Closedown for Radio 4” phase on Longwave, so I’m not going to be so ungracious as to complain.

And, hey, why complain? Life is rockin’!

I wasn’t actually until I left the Bodleian that I realised I really want to be a librarian. I mean, you’d think I’d have got the hint after spending all of my lower school career in the library (partly because I had not friends, and mostly because I did that Library Assistant Traning Scheme Level 2 – still got the certificate, thank-you Mrs. K), and then work exeprience there, too… But I’m notoriously bad at reading the signs of subtle things like that, as I’m sure Ruth and Claire will tell you, with strong moderations of frustration every time…

Huzzah! All is shiny, and I am feeling cheerful! And, inexplicably, looking forward to the rugby on Saturday (I still have no idea what that’s about, but never mind. Anyway, Wales vs Italy was just funny.

So, yeah. I’m a librarian again! Awesome!

… -dary!

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  1. On March 03, 2008 Sarah says:

    As I said earlier, well done!

    I found out my start date for my job (April 7th) so I just need something to amuse me for another 5 weeks or so.. I suppose technically that ‘thing’ should be my degree?

    Anyway, well done!

  2. On March 04, 2008 Jimmy says:

    Nice one! Working in a library always seemed like a good deal to me- it’s like a job, but better. You going back to the same place, or somewhere new?

  3. On March 04, 2008 Matt In The Hat says:

    “”Hooray! I’m going to be a Librarian again!”

    Not only am I happy for you but I’m also happy to have read those two sentences and known that they were irony free. [[Big Smiley Face]]

    I thought it was “Everything’s coming up Millhouse!” and he says it in response to Lisa saying that she may at some point consider dating someone who may or may not be him which makes me think it’s one of the ‘Lisa’s boyfriend’ episodes. The one where she dates Nelson?

    Turns out I’m very wrong. A cursory googling claims it to be from Mom and Pop Art.

  4. On March 04, 2008 Rockmonkey says:

    Just how how ‘How I met your Mother’ Have you been watching?