“…And JOIN me! In a public BURNING!”*

Well as you’ve no doubt noticed, it’s been just a bit wet lately.

And I wondered if I’m the only person to have seen the link between that and the rather amusing Simpsons movie advert from last week?

Note the humourless pagan lady in the sixth and seventh paragraphs:

“We were hoping for some dry weather but I think I have changed my mind. “We’ll be doing some rain magic to bring the rain and wash it away.”

Worked, then…

So who wants to grab the faggots, matches and kindling and round up some Pagans and wander back up Broad Street? (We don’t actually have to set light to ’em, but we could see if they could do some sort of “We admit we’re silly cretins” dance, which would, at least, cheer people up.

*Usual vague offer of pint for citing source applies.

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  1. On July 24, 2007 Claire Q says:

    Yep, I thought of that only last night! Silly pagans, it’s all their fault. I expect they’ll say it wasn’t them, now — “we were doing the ‘rain on the Homer’ dance, not the ‘rain all over southern England’ dance…”

  2. On July 26, 2007 Fleeble Widget says:

    I’m going to take a wild guess at the origin of the quote:

    Is it Futurama?

  3. On July 26, 2007 Mister JTA says:

    Afraid it isn’t. Sorry.

  4. On August 08, 2007 HHHHHHHH says:

    Dick heads the lot of you.
    I can see theres no tolerance in this world.
    Also the press are well known for telling lies.
    They’ve delibratly written crap to make pagans look stupid.
    You’re the stupid ones for actually believing the shit they right.

  5. On August 08, 2007 Statto says:

    No, you’re the stupid one for writing “right” when you mean write.

    Do you see?

  6. On August 08, 2007 Mister JTA says:

    So… HHHHHHHH, you’re saying the BBC made up a crazy woman saying she was going to do a rain dance?

    Sadly, no, they didn’t. I should, at this point, clarify that I heard the whole thing on Today (including the fantastic bit where Ed Stourton tried not to laugh whilst interviewing the chap who owns the land), and the woman was on as well. I liked to the text of the story on the BBC site because that’s more accessible for people, and wouldn’t get replaced the next day, unlike the ‘Listen Again’ for the Today programme.

    Now, HHHHHHHH, I’m just as keen as you are to believe that she wasn’t a total pranny, but she did sound as if she genuinely believed what she was saying. Which, of course, is very funny. Hell, I’m naff at science, but even I know rain dances don’t work.

    So, in short, I don’t believe the press have “Delibratly [sic] written crap to make pagans look stupid.”

    And, to be fair, I don’t believe they need to.

  7. On August 08, 2007 Statto says:

    I heard the whole thing on Today.

    She was almost certainly an actress. It’s a liberal conspiracy, I tell you. Think of the millions that those fat cats at the BBC can make by telling people Pagans are idiots.

    It’s all about power, wealth and control of the weather by unlikely body movement.