Generic Update ; no. 257

Lately I have been…

Wondering why the Hell my busted knuckle has chosen today to hurt like Hell and make typing painful.

Playing about with our shiny new low-end laptop (because it’s replacing a Toshiba from the late 90’s, and about time too.) So far it’s coping very well with DOS box, which is nice. It can probably play newer things as well, I haven’t found out yet.

Fixing the bed, which collapsed yesterday when I knelt on it. It’s a sofabed, and very comfy as a sofa, much less so as a bed, and it isn’t (because it’s a sofa bed) designed to be slept on on a regular basis, and started sulking. Bloody thing)

Sleeping lots when on buses, which I still think is a dangerous thing to do, but I haven’t been stabbed yet, so that’s OK.

Playing LoTGD.

Wandering round on Facebook,


Wondering why weekdays have started to drag so much.

And that’s about it. Or, there would be more, but this knuckle-aching nonsense is making it surprisingly hard to type, because I keep having to use fingers other than my third, which is a really tricky thing do without thinking about it an awful lot.


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