Just something…

…to while away the lunch hour (because I’ve finished today’s turns on Green Dragon) – some people over at yon BBC web magazine department have got two guys to discuss War & Peace with one of them who has read it and is a proper expert, and one who’s not read it, and is just bluffing.

They’ve hidden the names of who’s who, so you can go read it and then vote on which out of “A” or “B” is being the sneaky bluffing guy. Now I rather liked that; it reminded me of some seminars I’ve been in where you’ve had people who really didn’t do the reading and still tried to look good, and they generally came a cropper over some little mistake.

I’ll not say who I reckon was doing it, but head on over there yourselves and vote, and let me know what you thought, and then once I’m past the “spoiler threshold” of a few people having done it, I’ll fess up and say who I plumped for.

Many of you Aber-types, of course, the lucky student devils that you are, don’t really have lunch-hours, but I guess you’ve got exam results coming out today, so good luck with that, and congrats to Claire and Paul who I’ve heard from already.

(Also, Claire, how long’ve you had that blog to only get to 47 posts? How the Hell d’you do that?!)

Have fun!

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