So… Sleeeeeeepppppeeeeee…

My God, I’ve never before realised how exhausting it is to do both a show and a full-time job before. At least, in the past, I’ve always been at school, doing a moderate amount of work, or at Uni, doing even less. There hasn’t been a bus I’ve been on in the last eight days that I’ve not fallen asleep on.

Still, it’s rather fun, and, by and large, it’s fun. I especially like the faintly chauvinistic traditions of the Port Club, wherein such males as are involved and wish to be a part of the club get together in the interval and share a bottle of port between ’em, the only rule being ‘you each donate one bottle, and you can’t repeat bottles, so get in early before you have to hand over something either very old or very rare.’ It makes the second half go by really very well indeed.

I’ve had no time for anything else but sleeping, as a result, however, so I’ll spare you further tedious complaints about how I could do with a few hundred more hours in a day for being asleep in, and point out that, after two weeks out of my 52, I’m now up to seven books (I said I wasn’t going to be challenging; I just want to know how unchallenging it’s going to be…)

Those racked up so far are as follows:

4. The Eternity Code (which, like the other two, is great for reading in ten-minute bursts, which gets me through two to three chapters)

5. The Spring of the Ram (Bryn, this is a great series; if I told you it was like House of Cards but devious, I hope you’d get hold of a copy of the first one, Niccolo Rising)

6. 5 Minute Whodunnits (amazingly shoddy logic puzzles – they’re all either a) “Deduce lie from unchallenging thing in text, eg, glass smashed on outside of window, so it was an inside job” or, b) Three people, two statements from each, which one always lies, which always tells truth, which one changes.” Do yezselves a favour, and dinnae bother)

7. The Stranger House, which is rather decent.

I know there are people out there who find this thing an actual challenge, and I probably shouldn’t mock too much, because there will be times when I’m not getting on as well as I am now (I’m going, for a start, to run out of books, presently, and will have to start making time to find a library what gives ’em out to people) but, even so, I can’t help wondering why they picked fifty books, rather than a hundred. Still, maybe it’s aimed at people who don’t actually read things, rather than people who spot an opportunity to see how much they actually do…

Am going to have to visit the doctor tomorrow, if I can get an appointment; very tiresome and not something I’d do if I could avoid it, especially since it’ll mean complicatedness with work, but it’s been over four weeks since the whiplash thingy and my head still can’t turn more than 90 degrees to the right without it hurting, and I still can’t lie on my right shoulder, so I’m going to see if there’s any tips beyond “take more ibruprofen” they care to lob in my direction. I plan, also, to take the chance to ask if I could have something other than ibruprofen for my knees; I’ll’ve been taking it in 4- (&, occasionally 8-) -hundred mg doses for seven years come spring, and, aside from the fact it seems to do increasing less in teeny 400 mg doses, I’m not entirely convinced that’s unrelated to the recent delicacies of my stomach, which, in recent years, have done things like make me start to get travelsick, and stop me from having coffee on an empty stomach.

Hey ho. I’m way too do more of this. G’night.

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