…Can I just shamelessly whore Candi, a fantastic little webcomic I’ve found courtesy of one of The Ferrett‘s recent posts.

‘s got a nice big archive, mind, I’m only about half-way through. Reckon Dan would like it, at least, it’s got some gorgeous dark strips, tucked away in there.

Rehearsals going on pretty much nightly, at the moment, which is getting tiring. Still, I’m only working ’till tomorrow and then I go back to Newport. This will be good. I’ve a vague feeling I posted last time about how I’m never outside in daylight, these days, because of the nights being so short…

…Two days ago it occured to me there might be a link between that and the fact I’ve been feeling fairly flat and crummy the last couple of weeks. It could just be that I’m really tired all the time, of course, but it has occured to me to wonder if I’m getting (mild) SAD… My mother get’s it, I know, and I’ve never been especially mopey in winter before [if you discout the three years when I was depressed all the time, which is probably a bit naff as a reading], but, then, I’ve never had this cycle of work when I’m in daylight for ten minutes at lunchtime and not at any other point…

Ah well. Feeling very cheery at the moment, on account of aforementioned. Go read it; don’t make me use the phrase “to whore Candi” again; I’ll start getting comments from disgruntled Googlers in search of punternet. [Aye, I’d link, but there are some things what work might wonder about if they turned up in me browser history…]

Have fun!

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  1. On December 21, 2006 Scatman Dan says:

    Having lived for several years with somebody diagnosed with SAD, the only treatment I can vouch for is sitting in front of a sun lamp or other UV source for about an hour a week during the winter months. Consider it, but remember that – psychologically speaking – any success with such a technique will only reinforce a subconscious belief in an inability to do without it: if it’s possible to “get by” comfortably without any kind of “treatment”, that’s preferable.

  2. On December 22, 2006 Scatman Dan says:

    Oh yeah; did you ever get round to reading SexyLosers? You’d like it.