MMM… Sitting…

Well that was a mental five days! Not without it’s dull bits, mind you, but still all fun. Good to see the Aber people again; apologies for dashing off so early yesterday, but I’m currently in a logistics battle with the luggage anyway, so having to hoof it out of Aber this morning would’ve been deeply unpleasant.

Also, on the train out, something faintly cool happened… The drinks and snacks trolley came by! And, yeah, I’d just had a depth charge at the Mecca, and, yeah, I’d spent most of the day suppin’ coffee from a plastic cup but, even so, I thought “Hooray coffee!” and got some.

Me Hi, er, black coffee, please.
Trolley Dude Yeah, sure. No sugar with the coffee, right?
Me Er, no. *Faint Pause* You know I’ve done this before!
Trolley Dude O yes. Many times…

Well it amused me, anyway. And I still fell asleep between Mach and Drenewydd…

Today I need to haul a big old pile of stuff up to Telford and then buzz down to Oxford ahead of work on Monday. Super.

And something you may’ve missed in the news is that the guy who voices the Cat King in The Cat Returns has died. He was, it seems, also in one of the Bond films I’ve never seen, but I’ve seen Cat Returns lots, so that’s the interesting bit.

Have fun!

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  1. On September 28, 2006 Fleeble Widget says:

    If you want us to be able to follow that link you’ll need to take the ‘x’ out of the tag.

    Just a tip.

    See you soon!

  2. On September 28, 2006 Mister JTA says:

    Can’t see an x. But since I’m having to do all the HTML on the fly, thanks to WP-2’s “Let’s try to force people to rich text edit” policy, it’s a bit hard to double-check linkage &c.

    Ah well.