Num te tum…

Killing time before I go and pack stuff for Aber. Those of you not yet up to speed with the plan probably don’t care about it very much, but, nevertheless:

I head to Aber this evening, spend several nights crashing on floors there (& several days getting up early and going to bed late, I reckon), then I come back late Wednesday night, crash at Newport – no floors, this time, a proper folding bed, & everything – and then get me a train down to Oxford and an X39 on to Wallingford, where I dig in until the Real Ale Ramble.

I’m hoping that once I’m done with all the moving around I can start sleeping a bit better than I have been. I put the rubbishness to having an east-facing bedroom windee with nae cortans in it. Uh. Sorry, I got a bit sidelined after “windee,” there. No worries.

So, yeah, insufficient kip. I’ve been and got me some dinky business cards, which I can argue I need so as to tell people my new address in Wallingford in a marginally discriminate manner, although precisely how I can be discriminating and find 250 people who I can give my details to remains something of a puzzler. But for basically no money, what can you do, eh?

And, frankly, that’s all I’ve got for the moment. I’d go on, but I expect you’re busy with all the productive things you need to be doing online, like checking e-mails, and reading wikipedia, and following The N00b, so I’ll let you get on with things and go have myself a coffee.

MMM… Coffee…

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