08.17.05Ugh. The Oxford public library runs IE on the terminals…

…And, yep, that’s near as dammnit the same title of the last post I made from a PC-where-I-can’t-add-a-decent-browser.

 Like I said, last August’s posts rocked.

 Meanwhile, back in The Present…

Just had (another) job interview. I really do hope I get this one; not least because I’m getting just a little tired of doing interviews (suit, tie, shiny shoes, briefcase [thank-you, darling], umberella [thank-you, darling], back at the usual time? [Of course], have a nice time at the interview… and so on…)

Good God, IE loads pages slowly…

No, but I am rather eager to get this job, it’s got an actual chance of leading onto something (as opposed to, say, a life of making pretty window displays, and little to hope for but saving the store manager’s life from a falling sign, or something…).

 Well, let’s see what the day brings forth.

I’m now hanging on in Oxford for evensong at Christ Church, and then I’m heading back to Wallingford. Went bellringing yesterday, or, rather, I went up the tower of St. Mary-le-More and watched everyone else making it look suspiciously easy. I’m heading over a bit early next week so I can start learning to handle a bell, which sounds horribly complicated, but still, it gives me something to do.

At the weekend, I’m apparently going to Reading, to look after two small boys for a day, which is marginally a new one, but could be worse.

Feeling hugely tired, hardly slept for a solid hour last night, kept waking up. Gave up at 0500h and dug out my iriver and listened to that whilst I dozed. Didn’t help.

 Hey ho. In other news, er…

…Well, not much, if I’m quite honest with you. Life at the moment seems to have degenerated into one big round of looking for jobs, going to interviews, and then either not getting them (I’m still, theoretically, waiting to hear from the area manager at Allen & Harris; I’d think having got me to go to interview, even a simple rejection letter would be a common courtesy) or finding out they’re in Banbury at a time I can’t possibly get to Banbury.

Ah well. No doubt thing’s’ll contrive to perk up presently; if I get the thoroughly spiffy job I’ve just interviewed for, then I’m set. That would be unbelievably excellent, of course, but we’ll see how we go.

Have fun!

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  1. On August 25, 2006 Statto says:

    Tell me what Evensong at Christ Church is like…I’ve never been. How rubbish is that? And I was surprised that you’d never taken the funicular up Consti…