I’ve been to the Fringe. And it’s British. Hoorah!


Now in Wallingford (where, tiresomely, I’ve just realised that the laptop is running Win 2k, which means it won’t recognise the iriver. Joy of refusing to wait and get a 120 instead of an H10.)…

However, the “now in Wallingford” bit is impressiveish, on account of my having previously been holed up in Edinburgh for a week, in a wonderfully plush flat with Ruth [Well, duh…] and also Dan and Claire, which was muchly cool.

Marked contrast of the aforementioned plush flat to my previous accommodation in Edinburgh, (a sort of bleakish Scottish Penbryn), which was super, and it was bang opposite the Cannon’s Gait, where we, er, spent the week. No, really, we did. Joy of the Free Fringe and Peter Buckley Hill.

[Everyone cheer…

…Hooray! &c.]

This was all muchly entertaining; and I’ve now spent an entire week watching various stand-up things. Among my favourites were Radio Pear, the aforementioned PBH, Yianni’s Head and My Family and Other Alcoholics, plus, of course, the Pick of the Fringe shows on at the Cannon’s Gait. Had a fantastic time, probably going to work my way round to bashing up some “proper” reviews of some of the stuff, presently.

Do keep an eye on Dan’s blog, since you’ll notice he’s promised some toptastic stories of our experiences and you will want to see them. And do visit that link to check out the piccy of us with the inventor of the Free Fringe. Muchos free comedy. Best in the world. Hoorah!


In many ways, a pity to be back; the train journey down was especially depressing – a change at Crewe, which is beautiful – it’s actually light, and you can see the sun, and everything (Can you tell I normally change trains at Birmingham New Street?) – and then I got off the train at, uh, Stafford.

Rubbish. But I did manage the full 250-odd miles in five hours, which impressed me, especially as I had two changes.

And now, as I say, I’m back in Wallingford, for a couple of job interviews. And I’m using the old keyboard from the MITAC 286 I had back in 1989. Hooray for individually sprung keys and a proper productive-sounding clackety typing noise!

Ah… I do like Edinburgh. Many many thanks to Dan & Claire (&, obviously Ruth as well) for a fantastic time, and I’ll strongly advise anyone reading this who’s expecting to go to Edinburgh whilst the Fringe is on to check out the comedy at the delightful (& smoke-free, huzzah!) Cannon’s Gait pub on the Royal Mile.

Have fun!

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