Been sat applying for jobs all day. Laptop; no real keyboard. Absence of mouse (yeah I know keyboard shortcuts, but I don’t use ’em enough to be as fast as mousing, I keep having to stop and think “Is it ctrl+tab to skip on a tab, or is it shift+tab?” [For the record, it’s ctrl+shift to skip forwards a tab, ctrl+shift+tab to skip backwards one. In Firefox, anyway].

My shoulders hurt. And I’m stupidly really, really tired, despite having been drinking plastic coffee all day. (I’d’ve had real stuff, but it would take ages).

Still, I’ve now applied for a whocking great, uh… three jobs. It’d be faster if they were just easy “e-mail in a CV” jobs, but they keep wanting me to fill out forms-that-you-can’t-quite-cut-n-paste-information-to; so I keep having to re-word the same skills to fit different jobs. This is time-consuming, and now my shoulders really hurt.

O, bugger, I said that already.

Hey ho. Back to it, I guess.

O, yeah, also good luck to Suz with the jobhunting, and if it helps, every job in Oxford I looked at last month demanded fluent Italian, or German, or Spanish. Likewise every job in Reading.

Later ladies & gents…

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  1. On July 29, 2006 Suz says:

    He he. Maybe we need to start applying on behalf of each other, most of the jobs I have found want English! What kind of thing are you looking for? I’m looking at publishing, there is a lot on reed.co.uk. And that’s pretty good, because you can just email a cv and a cover letter, and the website remembers the last cover letter and you can just alter it a bit. Only problem with that is, there are bits I keep forgetting to change, eg. ” Re: Graduate trainee editor. Dear sir or madam, I would like to apply for the position of assistant sub-editor…”

    Argh, job hunting sucks!

    Good luck with it, keep me posted! (you do have my email address don’t you?)