O now this is nice.

Seriously. I’m a big fan of memes because they can be really fascinating; the shoddy ones where they ask things like “I am very kind” and the results are dead easy to fiddle are beautiful because it’s always a fair bet that the results people post are the results they want to be seen to have

That’s always fascinating. This one, on the other hand, far, far cleverer than I’d initially anticipated (although I went in with a healthy bundle of skepticism at the concept of a test that learns to be more accurate as it goes along, I can honestly say I didn’t have any of that skepticism by the time I finished…)

So yeah. I’ve got an interesting result… I’m not entirely sure I agree with it, but, hey, here it is nevertheless.

Personality Class C5

take the ‘Smart’ Personality Test

Now shove off and have a pop at it yourself. Fascinating.

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