Rebound of the Most effort-involving Meme ever…


  1. Random Thing:Despite the fact that, aside from Ruth, you were the only person in PJM 80 I was already remotely aware of at the start of the second year, I actually saw twice as much of the other guys in there as I did of you. What, did you have a ropeladder out of your window to sneak off and fight crime?
  2. Your Challenge… Come to a Geek Night, play us all at Risk, and try not to go out before at least four other people. I think the best you’ve managed so far is second out, but then Dan does keep fudding you over… Still, give it a shot!
  3. Your colour is purple. So now you know.
  4. Something I like about you is how calmly you sit there and take us all taking the mick out of your degree. To manage to put up with that for a constant two years is pretty impressive. Well done!
  5. My first memory of you is the first time you came to a Troma Night. Inexplicably, you rang the bell (which worked back then) and, since I was nearest the door, I got sent down to see who it was. Lo, if I didn’t open the door to this really nervous guy I’d never seen before, and who hadn’t a clue who I was, standing on one leg and saying “Er. Sorry. Er. Is this where Troma Night happens…?”
    It was very sweet.
  6. You remind me of the animal that we humans call a dolphin. I honestly don’t know why; I just thought of you in your zombie cheerleader costume and thought “that’s a dolphin, that is.” Weird…
  7. I’ve always wanted to ask you how you manged to stay so calm when I accidentally smashed your nose a couple of years back. That was impressive, that was…


  1. Randomness: You’re the only person I know who has two keyboards in his tower because ‘this one isn’t compatible with the BIOS.’ You’re likewise the only person I know to have actually played a game so much you broke the mouse.
  2. Your challenge is to finish all the projects you’re working on! Including the Troma Night Adventure games. Happily I’ve brought a folding chair and a flask of tea, so I can wait a while yet…
  3. You remind me of yellow. It’s probably the T-shirts.
  4. What I like about you is the way you seem to be actually incapable of disliking people. I’ve never yet seen you take against someone without qualifying it and explaining how you could be completely in the wrong. It’s a fantastic quality, but it’s also really weird. And you never play a game without helping your opponents, either. You actually do care about everyone, all the time, and it’s frankly amazing. Don’t stop.
  5. My first memory of you …is actually a memory of Duality. Or, at least, a really beefy looking tower and someone vaguely sat next to it on a funny stool. My clearest memory of you, on the other hand, is of the time the two of us, and Ruth & Claire, settled down to watch Revenge of the Sith, which you’d got hold of. Just before the big opening titles you said “O, God! I forgot to check what language it’s in! Nah, it’ll be OK. It’s bound to be in English.”
    …and then the yellow words rolled up the screen. In Cyrillic.
  6. The animal you remind me of is a coconut. OK, that’s not really an animal. But all I can think of right now is a coconut.
  7. I’ve always meant to ask you if you’re going to sort out a Diplomacy engine so we can set up a game. I’m still OK to GM it, but I cannae do the code!

Well, that’s everyone. Gee, see how many friends I have who want to see what I think of ’em… Tcha. Jessies.

Have fun!

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  1. On July 07, 2006 The Pacifist says:

    Sorry. Didn’t know you were doing it. Go on then..

    Oh, and I broke two joysticks playing Puzznic, does that count? A zipstick and a Competition Pro Extra…

  2. On July 07, 2006 Scatman Dan says:

    Breaking joysticks is nothing on breaking mice.

    Plus, it was an optical mouse. Playing optical mice to death really *is* a talent.

    By the way, JTA: The “what you like about me” is truly tear-jerking. Thanks.

  3. On July 08, 2006 RockMonkey says:

    I’d completely forgotten about the nose thing. I can’t even remember how it happened just that it hurt.

  4. On July 10, 2006 The Pacifist says:

    I remember smacking you in the nose, Rockmonkey. It seems to be catching.