Billie Piper to leave Doctor Who!

Now, OK, I don’t intend to have a pop at Piper herself, per se; as far as playing woefully misguided feeble-brained characters goes, she’s made a fairly good fist of it, but I ask you…

Since when did saying things like

“O, a paralel universe in which people who aren’t even slightly my parents exist! Time to go bugger about and say ‘hello!'”


“O, we’re in 1987, the year my father died – better go fuck with causality!”

ever entitle you to hang about time-travelling? Surely everyone knows basic Rule No. 1: “Don’t kill your own grandfather”.

It’s reasonable, therefore, to expect that everyone remotely involved with actual time travel likewise knows it’s important not to save your own grandfather since, as Fry so helpfully explained, it buggers about with causality.

Add to that her recent habit of saying things like “O, the TARDIS has been put out of action for the second non-related episode in a row, what a tragedy, hey, Doctor, let’s go fuck” and you begin to wonder why the Doctor doesn’t just buzz back to 1963 and dump the stupid girl back in the scrapyard where he first got himself lumbered with the equally frustrating Barbara Wright…

I don’t object, as such, to Billie Piper playing the part of Rose, but if they will go making Rose such a tooth-grindingly whingey hormonal wazzock I don’t see how they expect people to get fed up when they say she’s leaving then series.

O – and as for last week’s “All lifeforms have a deep-rooted imagery of the Devil, it’s a really basic part of conciousness” rubbish from the Doctor as he descended into the, uh… the “Pit” [Aye, that big hole with the demon thing that kept posessing people…] Well Christ, if I was Nigel Kneale and watching that I’d’ve smashed the television…

In other news…
I’m still in Newport. Joy.

Football continues to be dull as anything, mainly because all the matches look basically the same, but with faintly different jumpers.

‘s about it, really, except that UWA haven’t given me my Hafan desposit back yet, and the Midland are starting to sulk at me.

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  1. On June 15, 2006 Scatman Dan says:

    That’ll be HSBC, then.

  2. On June 19, 2006 The Pacifist says:

    Oi. I need a postal address for you, Mister JTA. Please email me.