Intresting times, Francis, intresting times…


I’ve been asked to put the word out about this, so I do so without an excess of further comment:

At 12 noon, tomorrow, Wednesday 10th May, there’s a protest outside the Old College in regard to the continued Industrial Action by the AUT & the consequent lack of assessment of student work.

For those of you who have minimal cause to visit the Guild website, I’d also suggest an examination of former Guild President Bec Corn’s resignation speech, which she made at the Guild GM last night.

(That, incidentally, might well explain the e-mail from Pro Vice-Chancellor Dr. John Harries, in which he declares “The situation remains very changeable and may be resolved at any time.”) Incidentally, do look out for further statements from UWA; I’m told the Press Officer is putting something together for release this afternoon.

So, yeah:

  • Protest, Old College, 12 Noon Tomorrow
  • Bec Corn resigns from Guild.
  • Theme of Protest is “Back to the Table,” or so I’m told.
  • Go on, turn up.

People not in Aber, of course, probably don’t care about this too much, and anyway, can’t make the protest. Everyone else, I’m expecting to see you there; it’s rare that Guild Politics contrives to be adrenaline-rushingly interesting; when it does we should make the most of it.

Hence: Noon tomorrow, Old College. Protest.

‘In China, I understand, it’s a curse to live in interesting times…’

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  1. On May 09, 2006 Binky says:

    Hmm. Protest about something I don’t care about… finish my project that has to be in tomorrow afternoon. Which is for a guy who isn’t striking.

    Bet project!

  2. On May 09, 2006 Myzelik says:

    After reading Bec’s thing I guess I don’t really know enough to do either, and not currently being a student counts me out of protesting anyway. On the whole though I support the strike action. Lecturers should be paid more for what they do and stydents deserve better provision from the university for marks being sorted in the circumstances. The action should be moderate and not get in the way of students achieving their potential.