You have been warned, boys & girls…

…I’m inexplicably a deeply fed up bunny. I apologise in advance for biting your heads off without any prior warning, because I sure as Hell won’t want to apologise if it happens.

Haven’t posted in ages. Obligatory insincere apology goes here. Fuck off, I haven’t got the internet, and I haven’t felt like writing anything anyway.

General discontent, usual stuff. Feeling increasingly malevolent and bile-filled, for some reason, can’t seem to shake it off, grumping at everything with or without a valid reason to do so…

…keep falling asleep during ‘play for today,’ can’t stop thinking about sex, can’t start doing anything about sex, never seem to finishe the Times crossword like I used to…

Asprin inexplicably hard to get hold of, Ibruprofen not helping.

Desperate urge to strangle people for the entirely innocuous crime of being stupid wastrel cretins, which I’ve never really had before, especially since I’ve suddenly started feeling so towards people who aren’t really stupid wastrel cretins, but have simply said unforgivably stupid things, such as something that annoys me for no real reason.

I blame being ill; I had flu last week and ended up stuck in bed not moving much and getting very little done. ‘s given me an imbalance of humours, I shouldn’t wonder, hence being so choleric.

Should be in a lecture now, but it’s just a video of ‘Look Back In Anger,’ and I reckon I didn’t ought to be watching other people having rants just at the moment, or I’ll haul off and thump something, and bust a knuckle, and jump up and down and swear.

Stuff this, I’m away back to Hafan.

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