I Passed my driving theory test yesterday…

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The Statto-JTA Mock Driving Theory Test

You’re a

Your passengers think you’re a little crazy.

Every road trip takes in a fanciful landscape of dreamlike imagination as you trip the tarmac fantastic. You’re still convinced that one day you will find the ‘man putting up an umbrella’ those signs keep warning you about.

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I passed the gay-ass DSA one, as well, which is marginally unimpressive, since I did bum all revision for any of it, and failed a Hazard perception clip for clicking too many times when a lorry suddenly pulled out, mainly because it was a rapidly developing hazard, so I reacted by clicking rapidly – mostly a result of my “Left Mouse Button = fire, truck = threat, react fast, shoot it, played too many PC games” reflexes, I think.

The DSA don’t like you reacting quickly to hazardous bloody great trucks, especially not ones that you’ve been able to see are going to shoot out of the layby in second gear since the start of the clip.

Still, it’s done now, and assuming I pass the real thing by January 2008, I won’t have to do it again, and I can go back to my ususal HazPerp style of “Anything on the road is a potential hazard, and the DSA are knobs to pretend there’s only one risk per 10 seconds of driving”…

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