Good God…

…Does Abnib 3.0 not look like the pits of the Earth?

‘s bloody horrible, man! Stop the bubbly over-yellow yuckness!

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  1. On January 17, 2006 Scatman Dan says:

    Aww; I quite like it.

    But tell you what – it’s pretty “skinnable”, so you can write some CSS and make it look the way *you* want. I’ll even put a drop-down on Abnib to help.

  2. On January 17, 2006 Statto says:

    He’s always had a problem with “bubbly” things; Windows, for example, or MSN Messenger 7.0.

    Anyway, I’m with Dan; give him the incentive to learn CSS as I’ve been trying to for so long!

  3. On January 17, 2006 Binky says:

    The way the text goes right up to the RHS of the screen makes my eyes bleed, and my hands constantly want to scroll right. Oh, and if lots of people make short posts after each other, the names and photos lapse onto other peoples posts and muck things up.

    On the plus side, livejournal comments are shown (ace!) and I do like the bubblyness.

  4. On January 18, 2006 tgb says:

    I wrote a stylesheet yesterday for you – I was bored :)

    If you’re using Firefox to browse, go to:

    View → Page Style → JTA & TGB’s Style

  5. On January 18, 2006 Statto says:

    You’ve ruined the ruse to make JTA learn CSS!!!