What I did at Christmas.

At Christmas I gotta lift home to Newport with Owen, who is Ruth’s brother, and Robion, who is also Ruth’s brother. But Robin is Ruth’s yunger brother, and cannot drive like her older brother Owen can.

For Christmas I had lots of pressents, which were nice, and Santa gave me a apple. Then the next day was boxing day and my sisters burthday is boxing day, so it was her birthday, and she got even more pressents, which was good for here.

Then my mother sed that since I do not stay at home often ennymore, and since we have no space in the house, what should we do? And so we came up with a plan, and now I do not have a bed at home, because we throwed it out to make more room in the house.

And that is what I did for Christmas.

No, really. But it is actually very sensible that we’ve done that, because at current rates I’m at home something like one week in fifty-two, so there’s been a whole room designated as “my bedroom” that wasn’t being used as such, and wasn’t being used as anything else either. Making it a box room, therefore, is actually fairly sensible, which is why I said we should do it. And then on the rare occasions when I am home, I can kip on the sofa bed.

Just thought I’d give a vague update, there, since we now have sluggish 2.2 Mbp/s broadband at home (courtesy of the slightly suspicious people at Wanadoo, who told my mother that “You can only go online with Internet Explorer if you’re using Broadband”. Er, no. No, fuck off… No… There we go, Firefox. Or Opera. I’m not too fussy, I just want something good.). Also, of course, my mother now has my old PC which, though sluggish and old, is still ten million times faster that the knackered e-machines box aimed at users who’ll never even take the cover off, or show file extensions, so using the PC here isn’t as punishing as once it was.

Now, however, I’m for bed, because I’ve got a bloody horrible cold, and a sore throat, and I’m totally exhausted.

Happy New Year, since I’m unlikely to blog again before then!

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