Paul has jsut told me that blogging when drunk is a bad plan, bvut I blame that on the, er, the absinthe, which I cannot spell, but which is burny and hot and then a soprt of cool happy thing.

And anyway, I havent;’ updated anything for aages,so there we go. I think my typing is buggered just atm, but I’m n ot sure I can be bothed to fix it. Hey ho…

Er. Tiring week, all things considered, but at least it’s looking up right at the moment, and I have drunk geek night, which means I didn’t win at Settlers of CAtan… Which is a pity, but I thought I ourght to update things, which is a pity, but I’ve not blogged for days now, and I’m still here and everythings going OK.

So now you know. Er. Inasmuch as you ever cared…

Ah well. I need to go now, becausde I’m getting tired of fixing up all of the typos what I keepn making for all of this things. aND Presently I need to go and sleep anyway.

Anf I;’m going to regret this anyway, because It’s going to look nasty wtih commas and things out of joint… aCTUALLY maybe aPaul was right. My fingers have wobbled.


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  1. […] We drank plenty of the absinth last night, too, at Geek Night. JTA found it difficult to count how many sheep he was trying to trade (Settlers of Catan), before going home and bashing out a drunken blog entry. Paul watched from afar, ocassionally stopping to add a little to the RockMonkey page on Absinth, which remains, complete with spelling mistakes and other messy bits. I got excessively giggly, and ended up debating with Ruth the merits of snorting spirits (thankfully we had the sense not to try this with absinth(e)). And Ruth, despite spending most of her time laughing the small stuffed toy pig I keep on my desk, managed to pip me to the post and win the game just before I executed my master plan. The bitch. […]