…In future, I think, I shall learn not to drink coffee that’s been standing in the maker for the last five hours. Still, it’s woken me up, and that was something I did need very much.

Currently feeling rather low and feeble, again, mostly because I don’t seem to have anything to do. There’s no end of things I could be doing, of course, and I’m pretty eager to get on with more than a couple of them, but they all seem to be things I can’t do yet. I’d like to start re-building my music collection, for example, but for that I need the PSU (which wasn’t delivered yesterday, because the courier went to the wrong address. Berk.), and I have to wait until that arrives. A lack of creative expression. That’s the problem, really…

And so on. Lazy though I am, I always preffer it if things move when they need to, and forced inactivity drives me nuts, although not quite as well as absinthe does… Frankly, I’m only blogging this for the sake of something to do, and I’ve polished my shoes about eight times today, which included rubbing in a bunch of nikwax which, predictably, temporarily buggered the shine, ’till I repolished them.

Quite why I need highly polished shoes full of holes (1 1/2 on the left one, 2 on the right) I’m not sure, but at least it gives me something to do before Troma.

It’s an especially silly paradox that I should get all keyed up about things I cannot yet do like this, and then lose any inclination to write essays, etc, as soon as I’m told about them. Bloody stupid, if you ask me, but I’ve yet to work out a solution to that. I think however, the difference is that the former is full of things I really want to do, whereas essays are things which I’ve been told to do, without, usually, anyone instilling any special attatchment to them beforehand.

Never mind. All it means in practice is that I’ll start belting along as soon as I can, and then end up with nothing left to do three weeks from now. Providing I don’t fall asleep first.

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  1. On July 23, 2005 Scatman Dan says:

    I can give you plenty to do: I’ve some software testing and configuring that’s needed…

    …failing that, there’s about half a dozen of us “arrived early” for Troma Night, and you’re welcome to join us. Right now we’re debating the Jaffa Cakes “Cake Or Biscuit” VAT Law Court Case.