…Still, as you see, none of the old posts, but that’s because of no end of hassle at this end (no psu, laptop HDD dead and clicking, running ubuntu live cd, connection to the ‘net is via a USB ethernet card. So can’t upload off the big. rescue CD without either killing the OS [bad plan] or using the external CD/RW, which is a USB connection meaning killing the ‘net [bad plan] or using the PS2/USB adapter plug, killing the mouse [irksome]. O well. Life goes on.

One of the ways it goes on is in the 20Gb HDD Bryn’s just given me for the Pentium 2 I’m reconstructing, which will do fine for running old DOS games and the like, once I’ve got a copy of DOS on it. Dan’s advised me that the best version of DOS is DOS 7, as packaged with Win98.

Er. Anybody got a copy of Win98 I can have a lend of? Ideally on floppies, if it ever came on floppies, to save me having to swap drives about (I’m going to put an old 1x CDRom into it, presently, but that’s at home and I shan’t get to it for aaaages…) and then I can get Win98 onto it, strip Win98 off it, giving me a nice version of DOS v. 7 on it, and if I can be arsed I’ll get Win 3.1 on there too, partly for old time’s sake, and partly so I don’t forget how to use it…

What? I like Win 3.1! It did me perfectly well from 1993 to 2001.

Well I like it, anyway…

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  1. On July 13, 2005 Bryn says:

    If you want, I’ve got a spare CD ROM drive you can borrow. Noone uses floppy disks anymore.

    You could also dual boot between Win98 and Ubuntu, but given the luck you’ve had with it…

    Dan has a copy of the old big.mclargehuge database and I’ve got the backup of your old site layout, if only we could get together in the same room in front of some type of computer with an internet connection…

    C’ya :)


  2. On July 16, 2005 Scatman Dan says:

    Yup; we can rescue all your old blogposts, no problem. And even the comments and whatnot.

    I have Win98SE (always always always go for SE [Second Edition], when they fixed the bugs) on my shelf which you can take or I can get for you tomorrow or this coming week. I can also acquire you a free 32X-ish IDE CD-ROM drive, if you need it.