Ladies and Gentlemen: A damn-near emergency announcement. (LJ only, as will rapidly become clear)

Something I heard last night has put the wind up me strongly; I’ve a foul feeling that my blog is rapidly approaching the “fucked beyond revival” mark, and it’s not entirely certain I’ve got anything left there at all (although if that’s the bloody case I’ll be making enough noise to split Satan’s eardrums before the summer’s out…) I do not, however, believe that the stuff is really gone. You may, therefore, ask questions like “JTA, my friend, why bail out on a decent setup you’ve got going – and not only going, but going with a friend?” That’s what this post is for… I am not a man willing to induce lurches amongst friends, and especially not if they happen to be running something for money. On the other hand, it’s usually idiots saying “I don’t want to make waves amongst friends” that allows life to run itself to tatters before anyone has the guts to stand up and do that, and right now I’m following the advice I’ve just had from Dan. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the official notice that I’m bailing out of the deal. Electric Quaker should be back, in one form or another, fairly soon, and in the meantime I’d ask you to bear with me, because I’ve got a few problems – mostly of the “can’t buy anything online because my cards keep getting rejected” variety – involved in getting a new I announce this here, rather than by directly informing those interested for two reasons: 1. If I’m going to have to reconstruct a heap of blog entires from the sodding Ether, then I’m going to want an at-the-time account of what I managed to do about it, once everything went up the swanee. 2. It’s just about conceivable that someone else may be wondering where the fuck my blog’s gone and look here on the offchance. If anyone involved can come through with a credit card payment in exchange for cash, I’d be very grateful, and ASAP is best because of the deal explained in the e-mail. So, there we go. Sorry, Gareth, I’m with Dan on this one.

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