That was a quick £30…

…Good old trips to the dentist. I was there about 7 minutes altogether, I think, and had an X-ray done of me achey root-canalled tooth, which is why it cost an extra tenner (Easton, great though he is, does have that aggraviating habit of private dentists known as “Charging you twenty quid for turning up”…)

Apparently, he’s not too happy with said canal – thinks he could’ve done it deeper on one side, so I’m going back in December to have it re-done. Currently feeling very well-disposed towards the bloke, because he’s quoted me a cost of £35 for the next visit. That’s the 20 for arriving, and 15 for a filling.

A root canal with Easton is priced at £85/tooth, so I think he must be giving me the cheery discount because he feels he could’ve done a better job of it first time round. I like that guy. I like him especially because, even though he isn’t an NHS dentist, he’s very friendly, and doesn’t keep giving me extractions. OK, I feel guilty every time I turn up because I ought to have more faith in the NHS, but doing that with Lala would’ve left me with more false teeth than the average OAP, so I’m still thinking I did the right thing…

Still feeling pretty grotty, however, suspect I’ve finally come down with Fresher’s Flu (three years and two weeks after everyone else, but never mind…)

Hey ho. Bed now, I reckon.

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  1. On October 13, 2005 Scatman Dan says:

    There’s one or two nasty things going around. Keep warm, keep throat sweets to hand, get plenty of vitamin C and fight it head on. Good luck.